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New Figures from Onell Design’s Glyos System Series

New Figures from Onell Design’s Glyos System Series

ACTON, MA, February 9, 2008 – Onell Design announces the newest addition to the Glyos System Series toy line: The Crayboth. Harkening from the Sporian Planet Alcray, these creatures use their energy-disrupting abilities and advanced psychic communication to protect themselves from off world invaders.

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Each figure stands 1.5” tall and has four points of articulation. All parts are fully interchangeable with the Glyos System Series figures. The Crayboth have the same high-quality, super-durable PVC construction that the Onell Design figures are known for. These figures are available in ten different color styles, from solid and clear to glow-in-the-dark.

The Crayboth come packaged in five different 2-packs, featuring a double window box design, mini catalog and collector card. The 2-packs retail for $8 each.

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In addition to the new Crayboth figures, Pheyden and Exellis have also been re-released in all new colorways. Six new styles are now available, three for Pheyden and three for Exellis. More styles will roll out in late March. These figures now retail for $8 at

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About Onell Design:

Onell Design, a small independent company owned and operated by a husband and wife team, is dedicated to producing original toys and comics. All products are created in limited runs to ensure collectability, paving the way for innovative new projects. The Glyos System Series is the brainchild of Matt Doughty, founder of Onell Design, who is responsible for the conceptual artwork, character design, sculpting, and figure packaging. Onell Design also produces several original comics, including Gear’s Edge, Rechlen and Aves, MicroShow and Sidrick.

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Posted 11 February, 2008 - 11:10 by JoshB


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These things look like a cross between

These things look like a cross between a Klingon, a Lego Bohrok (from the second Bionicle line, 2002), Samus from the Metroid games, and the drone spaceship from Flight of the Navigator (1986).

I think that this new one may be just enough to convince me to get a few of these- get a basic Pheyden figure, and then have him confront a whole swarm of these new guys...!
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 12 February, 2008 - 18:46
Holy crap, look at that red

Holy crap, look at that red glow!!

"This must be settled the way nature intended....with a vicious, bloody fight!"
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Posted by NekroDave on 12 February, 2008 - 18:58