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Even more new Shinkenger toys

This shows the new Kabuto Origami (beetle), Marlin Origami (fish) and Tiger Origami that can combine to form Daitenku.

They can each individually combine with Shinken-Oh to form Kabuto Shinkenoh, Kajiki Shinkenoh and Tora Shinkenoh

Together with shinken-Oh they form Tenku Shinken-oh.

Also shown is a new Squid Origami that can also combine with Shinken-Oh

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Posted 10 February, 2009 - 12:04 by JoshB


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Wow- that's some

Wow- that's some awesome-lookin' stuff!

And, hey-! A sixth ranger already!? Any ideas as to what his symbol represents? The show only starts- what- this coming weekend, and already we see a sixth ranger; odd that. Though I'm questioning his henshin device (the white cell phone), that sword looks cool (looks like it doubles as a knife).

I knew about the Torigami combo, but not that all three could combine with Shinken-Oh at the same time.
It looks like the four accessory Origami combine into a second robo- awesome!

I thought it was Kirini Origami (marlin) and Tora Origami (tiger)?
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EVA_Unit_4A's picture
Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 10 February, 2009 - 15:11

I think it's Hikari (光), or light. Hm, the combo start to becoming weird.

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Posted by Berserk on 10 February, 2009 - 18:41
Torn between the good and bad.

ShinkenOh by itself looks good, have an oldschool feel that I like. Torigami bird is fine I guess.

But not digging Torigami + Shinkenoh. The two wings are too bulky for one, and not stylish. Ultimate Daibouken is 100x better than this. This combo reminds me of G12, the classic "stuff everything in a pot" combo. Individually they look cool though.

Squid is quite creative to me. The shadow robo "looks" promising, but if it comes in the form with any electronics (ie. gekiranger rhino, magilegend, V-Rex.) I'd be heart broken.

And I think Berserk is right, I think Hikari is the name.

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Posted by AlBundy on 10 February, 2009 - 23:59
the main

i like the main bot as it stands

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Posted by jzorn on 11 February, 2009 - 07:31
New Ranger and New Toys

To confirm, his symbol IS light, which I think is fine. I hope we get to see a DARK ranger, too, then!

As for the new sword, it's called "Sakanamaru". Sakana is fish, and the whole thing is a giant sword hidden in a FISH. This goes with the theme of the new morpher, called the "Sushi Changer". It has Phone mode and Sushi mode and it looks like it's activated by pressing the "meat" (A hiden disk that folds up) down on the main phone, which is white and looks like rice.

The Tiger, Swordfish, and Stag beetle will combine individually with the ShinkenOh, OR they can all combine TOGETHER to form what is called the DaiTenkuu. DaiTenkuu can combine with Shinkenoh to form the TenkuuShinkenoh (Sky/HeavenlyShinkenoh). Apparently the squid can combine with the Shinkenoh, or with a "Mystery Robo" outlined on the back of the box.

As for my opinion. I would like these a BIT more if the "crest" forms of the robos looked a bit neater. They look a bit cluttered with all the knobs and hinges sticking out, like someone "colored outside the lines" with these designs. The additional "DaiTenkuu" robos look cool, and redeem the line a bit, I think, but it all takes a disturbing turn with the fish-sword and sushi-phone...

What's next? Dango Bomber? Kabuki Robo? (actually... I'd buy that...)

Dekunobou's picture
Posted by Dekunobou on 17 March, 2009 - 13:05
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