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Rivet Wars on Kickstarter

Back in 1999, there weren't a lot of resources on the net for information about Japanese toys. One of those few sites was Ted Terranova's Robot Page ( It served as an amazing resource as I was beginning to explore the roots of the obscure Japanese toys that I collect today. Although the page hasn't been updated in 14 years, Ted is still a fan of Giant Robots and he reads this site and comes to the summits each year.

Ted has a project up on Kickstarter for his game, Rivet Wars, which is a military strategy board game with some very cool miniatures.

I've handled these miniatures at previous summits and they are very toy-like! Even if you are not a gamer they are very cool.

To learn more about Rivet Wars, or to donate, visit their campaign at



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Posted 9 January, 2013 - 10:26 by JoshB
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