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Robot Damashii Ka. Signature Gundam Mk-V Earth Federation Colors from Gundam Sentinel

The plot of the the 1987 novel, Gundam Sentinel, involves a former Earth Federation officers (The New Desides) rebelling against their superiors and along the way stole the prototype Gundam Mk-V Mobile Suit. Before it received its deep blue coloring, the Gundam Mk-V was painted in this gray scheme. Bandai is putting out this variant of their previously released Robot Damashii Gundam Mk-V as a Tamashii Web Exclusive. As it is part of the Ka. Signature sub line, it comes with numerous decals that can be placed all over the figure. It comes with fully equipped with the Mk-V's original beam rifle, the New Desides beam rifle, a pair of INCOM remote weapons with wires to display them, two beam sabers, and its unique shield. Coming June 2014 for 8,640 yen.


You can preorder the Gundam Mk-V at Big Bad Toy Store.






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Posted 24 January, 2014 - 09:28 by VF5SS


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MSA-0011 Please

Gundam MkV finally after all these years! Maybe a Gunpla is next since it shares similar parts to the Doven Wolf/Silver Bullet.

Wonder if they'll do S-Gundam next? or even more wallet breaking, the EX-S?

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Posted by Rob on 24 January, 2014 - 09:50
One of my favorite Gundam

One of my favorite Gundam designs!

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Posted by Showapop on 24 January, 2014 - 11:44