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Armarauders new info (toys and comic)!

You might remember a while ago we told you about a new property called Armarauders, created by Don Figueroa. It's a cool mech-oriented property that is being supported by comics and toys. You can check out a bit of the property by watching this motion comic:


Just to show that they are not fooling around, the fine people behind the line have shown blueprints of some of the initial toys which were done by studio T-REX ( led by Keiichiro Maeno / 前野圭一郎)

Who are X-Rex? Keiichiro Maeno is a Japanese designer that spent years in CAD product design in Guandong China before he returned to Japan in 2005 to do CAD design for character toys. He's worked on designs for companies such as Yamato (Macross, Bubblegum Crisis, Mospeada). T-REX is also credited as a partner in producing the new DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z

What T-Rex does is take the initial design and prototype and convert it into cad models that are created with manufacturing in mind. They set the thickness of the plastic and make sure each part has proper internal support. It's sort of the finishing steps in preparing a toy for production.

Manufacturing is being handled by Action Toys, known for their Fewture EX Gokin an ES Gokin toys. (among others). There are so many hands in toy design...

Anyway, the mech is due for release in Q1 2013. It will come with a full docking stand, extra weapons and other accessories. The toys will be designed with interchangeability in mind. They are also designing a lot of homages to the old school 80s toy line "Centurions", with land, sea and air add-ons that will work with the toys.The catch is that the add-ons will be transformable components in themselves.

[ Bellerophon Basic Pilot - Cameron Knox ]


  • Pilot Toy - 2 Inches / 5 cm
  • 12 Points of Articulation


[ P.A.C - Personal Artillery Component ]


  • 2 Points of Articulation
  • Anti-Waster Mech Cannons and Jetpack


[ D.A.R.C - Dual Assault Rifles Component ]


  • Combines to Pilot's Backpack/Component
  • Anti-Infantry Rifles


D.A.R.C stackable on P.A.C or D.A.R.C directly plugs onto Pilot's back

 Modeled & Refined by,


  • Action Toys


Keep an eye out for more developments as these progress.. and check out the Armarauders Facebook page for the latest info.

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Posted 19 December, 2012 - 09:44 by JoshB


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This stuff is looking

This stuff is looking awesome.
Curious to see price point.
Please keep us updated on preorders.

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Posted by Demonseed on 21 February, 2013 - 19:33
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