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Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom: Dragonar, Blue Ranger, and More

Some exciting new products were being show off at the Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom!




Robot Damashii Dragonar-1 Custom






Robot Damashii Dragonar-2 Custom





Robot Damashii Dragonar-3



S.H. Figuarts Blue Ranger



S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Imperer

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Posted 16 December, 2013 - 10:24 by VF5SS


4 comments posted
That's not true! That's IMPOSSIBLE!

Those aren't Soul Spec Dragonars! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 16 December, 2013 - 18:27
The Soul Specs were modeled

The Soul Specs were modeled after the regular Dragonars but stylized like in the show's opening. These are the beefed up Custom versions. It's hard to tell in just gray prototypes though.

VF5SS's picture
Posted by VF5SS on 16 December, 2013 - 19:19
I'm saying that it is

I'm saying that it is impossible to think of Dragonars appearing in anything other than the Soul Spec line. That's like, all it has left!

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 16 December, 2013 - 19:37
Struck gold

Bandai struck gold with the Robot Damashii, Figuarts and SRC lines. The right levels of quality at the right price. I will be all over a bunch of Dragonars at a Damashii price point that I won't be at Soul Spec price. I have been pining for that Soul Spec Dragonar Custom for years but I can almost always find something else / better to spend the $200 on.

TattooedRobot's picture
Posted by TattooedRobot on 16 December, 2013 - 22:56
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