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Slew of new S.H. Figuarts!

Magazine scans showing of a slew of new S.H. Figuarts. Price and relase dates TBD.

First, for the Kamen Rider Ryuki aficionado, Bandai is releasing more of the Kamen Rider cast frrom that series and their respective Contract Monster. If the current trend for the Kamen Rider Ryuki S.H. Figuarts line release continues, expect the Rider and Monster to be sold seperately.

In the first column we have Kamen Rider Odin and Goldphoenix, Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Scissors and Volcancer, and Kamen Rider Imperer and Gigazelle. 

In the second column Kamen Rider Femme and Blancwing from the Kamen Rider Ryuki movie, and Destwilder, the Contract Monster for Kamen Rider Tiger. Finally in the last column, we have Kamen Rider Verde and Biogreeze from the Kamen Rider Ryuki special. Finally, in the  the lower right column we have Kamen Rider Alternative, arguably the best suit design to come from Kamen Rider Ryuki, and Psycorogue.

Looks like Bandai wants us to open our eyes to the next Faiz.... S.H. Figuarts.

From left to right is : Kamen Rider Delta.  From the Kamen Rider 555 movie, Lost Paradise, comes  Kamen Rider Psyga and Kamen Rider Orga.


Also from Kamen Rider Faiz (555) is two of the most iconic Orphenoch: The Wolf Orphenoch and the Horse Orphenoch.

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Posted 26 November, 2012 - 21:18 by SentaiSeiya
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