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Play Arts Kai - Kazuya Mishima & Jun Kazama (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Play Arts Kai - Kazuya Mishima & Jun Kazama (Tekken Tag Tournament 2.)  Coming stateside in April 2013 for $64.99 each.

From the latest installment in the Tekken franchise, TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2, come Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, realized anew as action figures in the Play Arts -Kai- line. Beautifully sculpted and fully articulated, the delicate paint details on these figures must be seen to be believed.

Kazuya’s defined musculature is accented by his many scars and contrasts with the subtle detailing of his clothing.

Jun’s fierce beauty and strength are also accentuated by the fine details of her costume.

With over 26 points of articulation and a display stand included, you will love finding new and dynamic ways to pose these powerful fighters.

Each figure comes with an alternate set of hands and a display stand!

Release: APRIL 2013

Specs: PVC Action Figure

Package: Window Box

Figure Size:

KAZUYA 10.1” Tall

JUN 8.9” Tall


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