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Sofubi Soul Zetton

Sofubi Soul 2.0 Zetton! from Bandai

due 01/09 for 3,150 yen

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Posted 7 October, 2008 - 07:46 by JoshB


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30 bucks for a Bandai

30 bucks for a Bandai vinyl!? The hell's going on here???


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Posted by Sanjeev on 7 October, 2008 - 09:59
This is actually from a line

This is actually from a line called Soft Vinyl Tamashii Monster Specimen - so i guess its a little larger, probably to compete with the spiffy X Plus vinyls. As I get a size I will update it.

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Posted by JoshB on 7 October, 2008 - 10:06
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