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BBTS Sponsor News: Generations Voyager, Marvel, MP-12, First Edition Voyager, Wolf Pack & More

Big Bad Toy Store dropped us a note with some new arrivals in it.

Transformers Generations Voyager - Soundwave & Soundblaster. Cases, Sets, Singles

Marvel Universe Super Hero Team Sets - Series 05 listed

First Edition Prime - Voyager Arrives - Deluxe Also In Stock

Takara MP-12 - In Stock - $83.99

Star Wars Wolf Pack Exclusive - In Stock

Takara Seeker and Seeker Elite sets - final pricing set at $129.99

Mass Effect Play Arts - In Stock


Red Mumm-Ra Lion-O Exclusive - In Stock


Hollywood Collectibles - Large Shipment


G2 Bruticus - In Stock and moving quickly

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Posted 31 October, 2012 - 19:08 by collectdx
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