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Buck Rogers In The 25th Century by Zica Toys

Zica Toys recently released images of there upcoming "Mego style" Buck Rogers In The 25th Century 1/9 scale figures! I had no idea these where coming but now that I do I am totally going bonkers here. I have wanted a "Hawk" figure since the early 80's.

Not a lot of info available yet but believe me I am contacting Zica Toys and when I have more info I will gladly share it with guys.

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Posted 25 October, 2010 - 14:19 by Atom


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I heard about these some time

I heard about these some time ago. All that was shown then were some wax head sculpts. I figured they were not to be since many months had passed since then. Nice to see they've not only gone to full prototypes but also expanded the line.

There is a serious lack of Twiki though.

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Posted by duke togo on 26 October, 2010 - 18:09