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Hot Wheels Race Rewards

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Remember back in the day when you would get an action figure and you could cut out the points from the back of the package to redeem for special prizes? Well Matchbox is taking that idea and bringing it digital with the Hot Wheels Race Rewards program.

Hot Wheels is fun for everyone in the family and this upcoming Holiday Season the deals get better! With Hot Wheels Race Rewards you get instant rewards for your purchases of Hot Wheels products available at your local Walmart store. All you have to do is Buy, Scan and Earn, to be on track to redeeming all NEW and EXCLUSIVE rewards.

Reward yourself and get more out of your purchases today at

Hot Wheels Moms

Bundle up this Holiday Season and be the master of your own track with the Hot Wheels Race Rewards Holiday Bundle Pack! The more points you earn, the more you can reward yourself and give the gift of speed for the holidays! The Straight Track 4 Pack includes nearly four feet of strips of classic orange track. Plus, your bundle pack also includes a mystery 1:64 basic car!

Head over to the rewards zone at and start shopping today.

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Posted 23 October, 2014 - 09:09 by JoshB