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Holy crap look at that arm.

Holy crap look at that arm. I wonder if it will come with different degrees of mutation..

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 17 March, 2010 - 12:17
Wow. That's all I can say.

Wow. That's all I can say. Love it.

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Posted by seraph2011 on 17 March, 2010 - 19:40
Project BM

Project BM is still a very unfortunate name.

Destroy All Podcasts DX's picture
Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 17 March, 2010 - 20:02
Unfortunate yes

but the product is far from crap. They nailed the look of the character there.

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Posted by fujikuro on 17 March, 2010 - 21:05