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Name No.sort icon Type Year
She-Creature Monsters, Statue 2004
Marty the 3-Eyed Mutant Character Toy, Monsters, Statue 2003
War Of The Colossal Beast War Of The Colossal Beast Character Toy, Monsters, Statue 2003
Pegila Pegila Kaiju 2008
Title Publish datesort icon
Large Monsters Series Kodaigon by X-Plus 03.08.24
Large Monsters Series - Dangar by X-Plus 03.08.24
Large Monsters Series - Gigan by XPLUS 03.08.24
Large Monsters Series - Baltan by X-Plus 03.08.24
Ambassador Magma by X-Plus 03.08.24
Large Monsters Series - Space Birdman Airos 03.08.24
Large Monster Series - Godzilla 1989 03.08.24
Large Monsters Series - Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave 03.08.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Alien Nackle 03.07.24
X-Plus Toho series Gigan 03.07.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Ultraman Ace 03.07.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Neronga 03.07.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Pegassa Seijin 03.07.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Green Mons 03.06.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Skydon 03.06.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Gudon 03.06.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Gappa (aka Monster from a Prehistoric Planet) 03.01.24
New from X-Plus 03.01.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Ultraseven Milestone Sunset Version 02.27.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Gattsu 02.27.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Chibull 02.27.24
X-Plus Space Cyclops 02.26.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Mephilas 02.23.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Twintail 02.23.24
X-Plus Daikaiju series Gireon 02.23.24
X-Plus Daikaiju Series Crazy Gon 02.22.24
X-Plus Daikaiju Series Gavadon 02.22.24
X-Plus Gorosaurus from King Kong Escapes 02.16.24
X-Plus Daikaijyu Series Zanbora 02.12.24
Daikaijyu Series Bell Seijin from X-Plus 02.12.24
New Daikaijyu Series from X-Plus 02.09.24
Daikaijyu Series Ancient Monster GOMESU from X-Plus 02.09.24
Kanegon Counter Bank from X-Plus 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 8/07/2007 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 8/10/2007 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 9/10/2007 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 7/11/2007 02.08.24
Guyros Vinyl from Ultra Seven 09.02.22
Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku by X-Plus 09.02.22
Diamond, X-Plus Release Mechagodzilla into the World With The New PREVIEWS Exclusive Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. Figure 06.15.17
Classic Godzilla and Mechagodzilla Crash Into Comics Shops With Two New PREVIEWS Exclusive Figures 04.05.17
Gigantic Series Plus Getter Robo Armageddon Getter 1 08.15.16
SDCC 2016: X-Plus 07.26.16
PVC Figure Gigantic Series Android 18 02.12.16
Gigantic series Aura Dunbine Dunbine 09.28.15
Gigantic Series Dragonball Z Perfect Cell 09.08.15
Gigantic Series Majin Buu (Good) from Dragonball Z 07.28.15
Large Monsters Series Ultra Seven (Appearance Pose) 07.06.15
Toho Large Monsters Series Godzilla 1995 06.08.15
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