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Japanese Toymaker TOMY was founded in 1950.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Kiguru Red Character Toy 2004
Norimonoman Character Toy 2004
Granzaurer Transforming Toy 1993
Haquas 1 & 2 Go Haquas 1 & 2 Go Gokin, Vehicle 1978
Yellow Light Cycle Vehicle 1982
Aura Battler Billbine Aura Battler Billbine Gokin 1983
Ideon Ideon DX Gokin, Robot Toy 1980
Treadmaster Treadmaster Building Toy 1987
Britannia II Britannia II Space Toys, Vehicle 1984
Mechliner Mechliner Transforming Toy 2012
Transfer Rings Transfer Rings Ephemera 1984
Pokemon Battle Arena Pokemon Battle Arena Character Toy 2013
Catch and Return Helioptile Catch and Return Helioptile Anime Figure, Video Games 2013
Commander Magna Commander Magna Transforming Toy 1985
Miracle Combination Ideon Miracle Combination Ideon Transforming Toy 1981
Rascal Robot Rascal Robot Robot Toy 1977
Sound Flasher Ideon Sound Flasher Ideon Robot Toy
Strazor Runabout Robot Toy 1984
Starrunner Speedtrap Robot Toy 1984
Convoy feat. Nike Free 7.0 01 Transforming Toy 2007
Sniper Sonic Sniper Sonic 011 Transforming Toy 1997
Megatron feat. Nike FREE 7.0 Megatron feat. Nike FREE 7.0 02 Transforming Toy 2007
Hyper Blue Police Carrier Runner 02 Vehicle 2012
Mighty Max: The Maximum Man Mighty Max: The Maximum Man 2500 Action Figure 1976
Stretch Legged Stoomdorm Stretch Legged Stoomdorm 5008 1981
Starriors Cut-Up Starriors Cut-Up 5303 Action Figure, Robot Toy 1984
Tribots MIS-L Tribots MIS-L 5350 Action Figure, Transforming Toy 1985
Convoy feat. Dodge Ram SRT-10 Convoy feat. Dodge Ram SRT-10 BT-22 Transforming Toy 2008
Liger Zero Schneider Unit KZ-01a Action Figure 2002
Liger Zero Jager Unit KZ-01b Action Figure 2002
Liger Zero Panzer Unit KZ-01c Action Figure 2002
Berserk Fuhrer KZ-02 Action Figure 2002
Kiguru Blue No. 2 Character Toy 2004
Dokuro Dandy No. 6 Character Toy 2004
Tomica Storm Runner Storm Runner T70680 Vehicle 2012
DX Yatter Wan DX Yatter Wan YM-DX01 Vehicle 2008

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