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Japanese Toy makers Takara and Tomy merged together in 2006 to form Takara Tomy (タカラトミー). This page should only have toys produced from 2006 on.


Database listings may be incomplete and / or out of date and is not meant to be a complete listing of all toys. If you are on a parent topic, click on the child topic in the list above to get more concise results

Name No.sort icon Type Year
Go-Saurer Go-Saurer Action Figure, Character Toy, Robot Toy, Transforming Toy 2007
Onslaught USA Edition Onslaught USA Edition Action Figure, Character Toy, Transforming Toy, Vehicle
Fall Of Cybertron Shockwave Fall Of Cybertron Shockwave Transforming Toy 2012
Cosmos and Payload Cosmos and Payload Action Figure, Character Toy, Transforming Toy 2014
The Mach 5 The Mach 5 Vehicle 2014
Jetfire Jetfire Transforming Toy 2014
Powerglide Powerglide Action Figure, Transforming Toy 2015
NERV Official Business Coupe NERV Official Business Coupe Vehicle 2015
Getter Robo Toujou-hen Getter Robo Toujou-hen Gashapon / Trading Figure 2016
Kirby and Robobot Kirby and Robobot Gashapon / Trading Figure 2017
Master Back Draft MK. III Master Back Draft MK. III Transforming Toy 2018
Hyper Chainsaw Hyper Chainsaw Transforming Toy 2016
Enoden Umi no Mieru Tabi Set Enoden Umi no Mieru Tabi Set Playset 2002
Search and Rescue Liner Search and Rescue Liner Vehicle 2011
Tomihero Engine Swat Tomihero Engine SWAT Vehicle 2009
Hyper Rescue Helicopter Hyper Rescue Helicopter Vehicle 2011
Rescue and Repair Truck Rescue and Repair Truck Vehicle 2010
Gigant Police Braver KOBAN Armor DX Set Gigant Police Braver KOBAN Armor DX Set Transforming Toy 2023
Big Special Crane Vehicle Big Special Crane Vehicle 01 Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2012
Sonic Arrow Sonic Arrow 01 Transforming Toy 2015
Ranger Tanser Ranger Tanser 01 Vehicle 2013
Hyper Builder 02 Big Special Work Vehicle Big Special Work Vehicle 02 Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2012
Sonic Breaker Sonic Breaker 02 Transforming Toy 2015
Ranger Gyro Ranger Gyro 02 Vehicle 2013
Sonic Meteor Sonic Meteor 03 Transforming Toy 2015
Ranger Trailer Ranger Trailer 03 Vehicle 2013
H5 Hayabusa H5 Hayabusa 04 Transforming Toy 2016
E3 Tsubasa E3 Tsubasa (Flare Wing) 05 Transforming Toy 2016
Ironhide Ironhide 05 Transforming Toy 2007
Ratchet Ratchet 06 Transforming Toy 2007
Sky Lynx Sky Lynx 07 Transforming Toy 2009
Leader-class Autobot Bulkhead Leader-class Autobot Bulkhead 83636 Transforming Toy 2008
Leader-class Autobot Ultra Magnus 83638 Transforming Toy 2008
Deluxe-class Decepticon Sideways Deluxe-class Decepticon Sideways 8915 Transforming Toy 2009
Leader-class Autobot Jetfire Leader-class Autobot Jetfire 89894 Transforming Toy 2009
Mixmaster Voyager-class Decepticon Mixmaster 91406 Transforming Toy 2009
Toyota Crown Athlete Toyota Crown Athlete 92 Vehicle 2020
Long Haul Voyager-class Decepticon Long Haul 92803 Transforming Toy 2009
Ultra-class Decepticon Skyfall (Walmart exclusive) Ultra-class Decepticon Skyfall (Walmart exclusive) 94028 Transforming Toy 2009
Mindwipe Voyager-class Decepticon Mindwipe 94292 Transforming Toy 2010
Cliffjumper Cliffjumper A-03 Action Figure, Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2010
Thundercracker Thundercracker A-04 Transforming Toy 2010
Skywarp Skywarp AM-06 Transforming Toy 2012
Brakedown Transformers Arms Micron Brakedown AM-12 Robot Toy 2012
Tank Jipuroto Vehicle 01 Tank Jipuroto Vehicle 01 BS-27 Transforming Toy 2012
Zip Base Vol. 2 Repair Base Zip Base Vol. 2 Repair Base BS-28 Transforming Toy 2012
Zip Builder Zip Builder BS-35 Action Figure 2012
Zip Builder Bikuru Diver Vehicle 04 Zip Builder Bikuru Diver Vehicle 04 BS-39 Transforming Toy 2012
Core Granner Leo GT-R Tomica Core Granner Leo GT-R Tomica CG10 Vehicle 2020
Core Granner Eagle Supra Tomica Core Granner Eagle Supra Tomica CG12 Vehicle 2020
Dia-Battles Version 2 Dia-Battles V2 (Alpha Plus Ver.) DA-11 Transforming Toy 2017
Powered System Maneuver Alpha Powered System Maneuver Alpha DA-21 Action Figure 2018
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime DMK-01 Model Kit 2011
Optimus Prime Dual Model Kit Optimus Prime (Clear) DMK-01 Model Kit 2011
Leo Cheetah Leo Cheetah EG01 Transforming Toy 2020
Saber Panther Saber Panther EG03 Transforming Toy 2020
Tyranno Tops Full Custom DX Set Tyranno Tops Full Custom DX Set EG05 Transforming Toy 2020
Go Prime Go Prime G25 Transforming Toy 2013
Optimus EX Prime Optimus EX Prime G26 Transforming Toy 2014
GT-R Saber GT-R Saber GT-02 Transforming Toy 2013
Blue Gazelle Blue Gazelle HBP05 Vehicle 2007
Blue Buffalo Blue Buffalo HBP06 Vehicle 2007
Blue Crab Runner Blue Crab Runner HBP07 Vehicle 2007
Blue Tortoise Blue Tortoise HBP08 Vehicle 2007
HGS-03 Fire-Liner Fire Liner HGS-03 Vehicle 2008
Build Braver Build Braver JB10 Transforming Toy 2023
Police Braver NULL Nissan Fairlady Z Unmarked Patrol Car Null JB12 Transforming Toy 2023
Megatron Megatron LG 13 Transforming Toy 2015
Convobat Convobat LG EX Transforming Toy 2016
Convoy Sleep Mode Convoy Sleep Mode MP-04S Transforming Toy 2010
Thundercracker Thundercracker MP-07 Transforming Toy 2008
Rodimus Convoy Rodimus Convoy MP-09 Robot Toy 2011
MP-10 Convoy MP-10 Convoy MP-10 Transforming Toy 2011
Starscream Starscream MP-11 Transforming Toy 2012
Acid Storm Acid Storm MP-11A Transforming Toy 2013
Transformers Masterpiece Lambor  (Sideswipe) Transformers Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe) MP-12 Transforming Toy 2012
Lambor G-2 Ver. (Generation 2 Sideswipe) Lambor G-2 Ver. (Generation 2 Sideswipe) MP-12G Transforming Toy 2014
Masterpiece Prowl Masterpiece Prowl MP-17 Transforming Toy 2013
Streak (Bluestreak) Streak (Bluestreak) MP-18 Transforming Toy 2013
Masterpiece Smokescreen Masterpiece Smokescreen MP-19 Transforming Toy 2013
Wheeljack Wheeljack MP-20 Transforming Toy 2014
MP-21 Bumblebee & Spike in Exo-Suit MP-21 Bumblebee & Spike in Exo-Suit MP-21 Transforming Toy 2014
Ultra Magnus Ultra Magnus MP-22 Transforming Toy 2014
Star Saber Star Saber MP-24 Transforming Toy 2015
Tracks Tracks MP-25 Transforming Toy 2015
Masterpiece Ironhide Masterpiece Ironhide MP-27 Transforming Toy 2016
Hot Rodimus Hot Rodimus MP-28 Transforming Toy 2016
MP-29 Lasewave Laserwave MP-29 Transforming Toy 2016
Masterpiece Ratchet Masterpiece Ratchet MP-30 Transforming Toy 2016
Convoy (AKA Optimus Primal) Convoy (AKA Optimus Primal) MP-32 Transforming Toy 2016
Inferno Inferno MP-33 Transforming Toy 2016
Masterpiece Starscream Ghost Version Masterpiece Starscream Ghost Version MP-3G Transforming Toy 2010
Reboost Reboost MP-54 Transforming Toy 2021
Masterpiece Movie Series Starscream Masterpiece Movie Series Starscream MPM-1 Transforming Toy 2010
Lambor (Sideswipe) Lambor (Sideswipe) QT-05 Transforming Toy 2015
Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus) Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus) QT-07 Transforming Toy 2015
Sharida Saba Sharida Saba S-05 Transforming Toy 2015
Temakizu Natto Temakizu Natto S-08 Transforming Toy 2015
Waspinator Waspinator TG-03 Transforming Toy 2014
Hybrid Style Convoy Hybrid Style Convoy THS-02 Transforming Toy 2006
Hybrid Style Convoy Black Version Hybrid Style Convoy Black Version THS-02B Transforming Toy 2006
TIE Fighter TIE Fighter TSW-03 Vehicle 2016
Star Destroyer Star Destroyer TSW-04 Vehicle 2016
Landspeeder Landspeeder TSW-06 Vehicle 2015
AT-AT AT-AT TSW-10 Vehicle 2016
United Optimus Prime United Optimus Prime UN-06 Transforming Toy 2010
Rodimus Prime Rodimus Prime UN-23 Transforming Toy 2012
Unite Warriors Superion Unite Warriors Superion UW-01 Transforming Toy 2015
Devastator / Devastor Devastator / Devastor UW-04 2015
Reconnaissance Boat Owan Use Reconnaissance Boat Owan Use V-02 Transforming Toy 2015
Mecha Kame and Yosako Mecha Mecha Kame and Yosako Mecha YM-B07 Character Toy, Gashapon / Trading Figure, Vehicle 2008
Doronjo Doronjo YM-F03 Character Toy 2008
Omega Rex Omega Rex ZW38 Building Toy 2020
Title Publish datesort icon
Transformers Masterpiece Starscream Again! 03.08.24
Painted Prototype of the Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy 03.08.24
Transformers Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy - New Images 03.08.24
Transformer Device Label - Blaster 03.08.24
Transformers Animated Optimus Prime & Rodimus by Takara Tomy 03.08.24
Transfomers Predaking 2010 Edition by TakaraTomy 03.08.24
Next Masterpiece Transformer Revealed 03.08.24
Transformers Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee Updated 01.26.23
Transformers MP-10 Convoy (Optimus Prime) Bape Version 09.02.22
TAKARATOMY ART – Video Game Robotics HD Series Wolf Fang 09.02.22
Transformers Masterpiece MP-05G Megatron Gold Version 09.01.22
Transformers Masterpiece Delta Magnus 08.30.22
Gangangan Battle Scopedog (Normal and Melkia color) from Armored Trooper VOTOMS 08.30.22
Microman40 Akagi from Kantai Collection (KanColle) 03.07.20
Robocop Real Figure Collection 02.07.20
Transformers Masterpiece Thrust 06.09.16
Transformers Masterpiece Inferno 06.09.16
Transformers Masterpiece Loud Pedal (Diaclone Black Tracks) 05.23.16
Beast Wars Transformers Masterpiece Cheetor (Cheetus) 05.12.16
Gangangan Armored Trooper Votoms Red Shoulder Custom 04.26.16
Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion E3 Tsubasa Flarewing and Ironwing 04.18.16
Transformers Masterpiece MP-14+ Alert Anime Color Edition 04.06.16
Transformers Unite Warriors Computicon (Computron) 04.04.16
Transformers Legends Galvatron 03.09.16
Transformers Legends Skull 03.09.16
Transformers Legends Hardhead 03.09.16
Transformers Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus 02.09.16
Winter Wonder Festival 2016: TakaraTomy and TomyTec 02.08.16
Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Primal (Beast Wars Convoy) updated 02.04.16
Super Figure Collection Series Getter Robo 01.04.16
New Takara Transformers Images 12.31.15
Thunderbirds Are Go Real Kit Thunderbird Shadow 12.09.15
Transformers Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron 12.08.15
Thunderbirds Are Go! Real Kit Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 11.12.15
Masterpiece Zoids Saber Tiger 11.11.15
Thunderbirds Are Go Real Kit Motorized The Mole 11.10.15
Transformers Masterpiece MP-30 Ratchet 11.06.15
Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee (Bumble) Red Body 11.05.15
Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet 10.22.15
Diaclone Diabattles V2 updated 10.07.15
Diaclone Diabattles V2 Prototype (Lunar Base version) 10.07.15
Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Shockwave (Laserwave) updated 10.02.15
Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) Updated 10.02.15
Transformers Unite Warriors Convoy Grand Prime 09.19.15
Q Transformer Snoopy 09.14.15
Transformers Masterpiece Ironhide updated 09.11.15
Transformers Masterpiece Clampdown 09.11.15
Super Figure Collection Grendizer 09.08.15
Tomica Thunderbirds Are Go! 08.14.15
Transformers Masterpiece MP-11T Thundercracker 07.28.15
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