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Since 2005, Boston-based design house Mimoco has fused the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices making its name known in both the pop-culture driven Art Toy underground and the savvy high-tech 'tronic world. With a mission to bring style and soul to consumer electronics, Mimoco is renowned for our flagship collection of MIMOBOT® designer USB flash drives.

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Batman (TDKR) Mimobot 2012 08.06.12
Bane Bane Mimobot 2012 08.06.12
Boba Fett 2008 03.10.11

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Boba Fett 2008
Bane 2012
Batman (TDKR) 2012

Toy Fair 2011 - Mimoco

The folks at Mimoco where showing off their latest line, Batman x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Collection.

Includes HD video

2011-02-20 17:22
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