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Mezco Toyz is a toy company, that makes action figures and other collectibles based on original and licensed properties. Its most popular product is the cult hit toy line Living Dead Dolls. Other popular licensed properties include Family Guy, South Park and Hellboy. Outside of action figures and doll releases, Mezco is also known for their original block-style figures line: Mez-Itz.

Mezco Toyz was created by Michael Markowitz (Mez), the President of Mezco, who maintains himself as the driving force behind all aspects of design and development. Working with the best talents in the toy industry, Mez conceives and directs each line from start to finish.

Mezco Toyz was established in 2000, from the ashes of the short-lived toy production company: Aztech Toyz, which obtained recognition for their stylized line of Silent Screamers action figures; based on classic black and white silent pictures of the beginning of cinema. The Silent Screamers line was renewed as one of the original releases from Mezco.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Maria from Metropolis Maria from Metropolis Action Figure 2001
Hellboy Hellboy (Shirtless with Trenchcoat) Action Figure 2004
The Dark Knight Batman The Dark Knight Batman Action Figure 2015
Tiger Stripe Wolverine Tiger Stripe Wolverine Action Figure 2017
Superman Superman Action Figure 2017
Old Man Logan Old Man Logan Action Figure 2018
Batman (Ascending Knight) Batman (Ascending Knight) Action Figure 2018
Batman (1989) Batman (1989) Action Figure 2020
Title Publish datesort icon
5 Points XL Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964): Mothra and Shobijin Twins Boxed Set 07.15.21
The One:12 Collective Conan The Barbarian 01.23.20
The One:12 Collective Rumble Society - Pink Skulls Chaos Club 11.23.19
NYTF2017: Mezco 04.18.17
HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH Pinhead 12 inch Figure 03.28.16
Beetlejuice Roto Figure 03.21.16
One:12 Collective Series Captain America 03.10.16
One:12 Collective Star Trek: Kirk 02.19.16
Mezco Presents Mortal Kombat X 3.75 Inch Figures 02.05.16
One:12 Collective Dawn of Justice: Batman 02.01.16
One:12 Collective Dawn of Justice: Superman 02.01.16
The One:12 Collective – Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster 11.16.15
The One:12 Collective Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns 10.22.15
Mezco One:12 Collective Judge Dredd and the Lawmaster 10.10.15
One:12 Collective Limited Edition SDCC Exclusive The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Boxed Set 05.20.15
Talking Mega Scale 15 Inch Chucky 03.05.15
NYTF2015: Mezco 02.23.15
Mezco Joins Forces With Gigantor 01.30.15
One:12 Collective- Judge Dredd 01.09.15
Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat X 11.26.14
Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X 11.26.14
One:12 The Dark Knight Batman Action Figure 10.07.14
Mezco Reveals The One:12 Collective with Batman 07.22.14
Mezco Announces Breaking Bad Merchandise 12.20.12
Mezco Reveals Frankenstein Black and White Variant With Limited Edition Of 100 Pieces At 2012 New York Comic Con 10.11.12
Mezco Unleashes Monster Scale Frankenstein 05.21.12
Mezco Reveals Universal Monsters: 9inch Scale Frankenstein 03.12.12
Mezco Reveals Mars Attacks Plush 03.12.12
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