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Marmit (マーミット) is one of the bigger independent toy manufacturers in Japan. They first released their flagship "Vinyl Paradise" line in 1996, and have expanded to include not only soft vinyl, but chogokin as well.


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Title Publish datesort icon
CDX toy news bulletin 7/11/2007 08.30.22
Fierce Legend of Super Robot Mazinger Z Reissue. 02.17.21
CDX toy news bulletin 8/07/2007 10.11.10
CDX toy news bulletin 9/10/2007 10.11.10
Marmit Garland Fierce Legend of Super Robot 10.11.10
Kaiju unveils Vegitius toy 10.11.10
CollectionDX Sky Deviler on Kaiju-Taro! 10.11.10
Marmit Daigokin Magma Riser from Ultraseven 10.11.10
SDCC and standard Vegetius Vinyl from Kaiju Big Battel X Marmit 10.11.10
Real Sofubi Kit Godora Seijin from Marmit 10.11.10
New Marmit Kaiju releases 10.11.10
Gokin Poseidon (Original Color) from Marmit 10.11.10
Marmit Parababy Gojira 10.11.10
Real paint kit ALIEN from Marmit 10.11.10
Real Sofubi Peroringa comes in three flavors 10.11.10
Meltdown color Gojira from Godzilla vs Destoroyah 10.11.10
November 2008 pre-orders from Marmit 10.11.10
CollectionDX Exclusive Nor'easter ver. Vegetius vinyl 10.11.10
CollectionDX Nor'easter Vegetius is HERE. 10.11.10
Deslar Warship Metal Statue 10.11.10
Monster Heavens December pre-orders 10.11.10
SAH Buster Vanks Dai 10.11.10
Marmit Plus Dorugo 10.11.10
Kozik and Kaiju Big Battel team up for D.W. Cycloptopus the third! 10.11.10
Super Festival Exclusive toys 10.11.10
Marmit pre-orders for April 2009 10.11.10
Hyper Hobby Plus Exclusive Godzilla from Marmit 10.11.10
Marmit pre-orders for May 2009 10.11.10
Marmit pre-orders for June 2009 10.11.10
July pre-orders from Marmit 10.11.10
Marmit pre-orders for August 2009 10.11.10
Nor' Easter Vegetius ver 2.0 now on sale! 10.11.10
New Vinyl from Marmit 10.11.10
New offerings from Marmit 10.11.10
Latest from Marmit 10.11.10
Latest from Marmit 10/08/09 10.11.10
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