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M-1 Go (M1号) is a modern Japanese Vinyl Manufacturer.


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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Titanosaurus Kaiju 2001
Hipporito-Seijin Kaiju 2005
Giant Sized Garamon Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2006
Rat Bat Spider (Glow) Rat Bat Spider (Glow) Kaiju 2001
Reptilicus (Glow) Reptilicus (Glow) Kaiju 2000
Matango Matango Kaiju 1997
Hayata Character Toy, Figure 2001
Megalon Kaiju 2004
Keronia Seijin Kaiju 1999
Sanjeev Custom Giant Sized Garamon (Glow) Custom, Kaiju
Mami Mami Character Toy, Figure, Kaiju, Monsters 1999
Gorgo Kaiju, Monsters 2002
KaijuZoo Custom Manda KaijuZoo Custom Manda Custom, Kaiju
Daimon (Glow) Character Toy, Kaiju, Yokai 1997
Manda Manda Kaiju 2008
Gotengo Gotengo Kaiju 2008
Jett Jaguar Jet Jaguar Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2009
Haruo Nakajima as Godzilla (Irasawa Version) Haruo Nakajima as Godzilla (Irasawa Version) Character Toy, Kaiju 2000
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