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Fewture Models

Fewture Models

Fewture Models (フューチャー) is a subsidy of ArtStorm (アート・ストーム)


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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Titi Chan Titi Chan Anime Figure 2002
Shadow Lady Anime Figure 2002
Marilyn Manson: Holy Wood Figure 2003
Dokuro Nina (Blue Hair + Mono Head) Anime Figure
Over Rage Guillotinna Anime Figure
Nag Nuts Nina (Panic color) Anime Figure 2001
Chika Mint Night Chika Mint Night Designer Toy 2002
Getter 1 Gokin 2006
Getter 2 Gokin 2006
Mazinger-Z 1969 Gokin 2007
Great Mazinger 1969 Gokin 2007
Boss Borot 1901 Boss Borot 1901 Character Toy, Gokin 2007
Glow Hedorah Glow Hedorah Kaiju 2009
Getter 1 + Getmachine Eagle Repaint Ver. Getter 1 + Getmachine Eagle Repaint Ver. Gokin 2009
Getter 2 + Getmachine Jaguar (Repaint Ver.) Getter 2 + Getmachine Jaguar (Repaint Ver.) Gokin 2009
Getter 3 + Getmachine Bear Repaint Ver. Getter 3 + Getmachine Bear Repaint Ver. Gokin 2009
Tachikoma (Original Version) Tachikoma (Original Version) Anime Figure, Gokin 2007
Gigantic Double Tomahawk Gigantic Double Tomahawk Gokin 2010
Boss Borot (Silver Version) Boss Borot (Silver Version) Action Figure, Gokin 2007
Doublas (Silver Version) Doublas (Silver Version) Action Figure, Gokin 2006
ES Gokin Gordam/Godam Dragon ES Gokin Gordam/Godam Dragon Gokin, Robot Toy, Transforming Toy 2011
Energer 1969 Energer 1969 Gokin 2011
EX Gokin Toriyama Dr. Slump Toriyama Robot Toy 2011
New Godphoenix New God Phoenix Gokin, Vehicle 2012
EX Gokin Arale-Chan EX Gokin Arale-Chan Character Toy, Robot Toy 2011
Black Getter Black Getter Ryoma Mode Repaint Ver. Gokin 2012
Gatchaman G-1 Repaint Ver. Gatchaman G-1 Repaint Ver. Gokin, Vehicle 2012
Gatchaman Godphoenix G-5 Repaint Ver. Godphoenix G-5 Repaint Ver. Gokin, Vehicle 2012
Golgo 13 Golgo 13 Anime Figure, Figure 2013
Black Getter 2 Black Getter 2 Gokin 2013
Getter Dragon Getter Dragon Gokin 2013
Getter Liger Getter Liger Gokin 2013
Getter Poseidon Getter Poseidon Gokin 2014
Robocon Robocon Character Toy, Gokin, Tokusatsu 2013
EX Gokin Robin-Chan EX Gokin Robin-Chan Figure, Gokin 2014
Grendizer Grendizer Gokin 2015
EX Gokin Spazer + TFO Spazer + TFO Gokin 2015
Juliona Trans Juliona Trans Anime Figure 2009
Tollg Symbiotic Mico Tollg Symbiotic Mico Action Figure 2001
ES Gokin Goshogun ES Gokin Goshogun 01 Action Figure, Gokin, Robot Toy 2009
ES Gokin Getter 1 ES Gokin Getter 1 03 Action Figure, Gokin, Robot Toy 2010
ES Gokin Getter 2 ES Gokin Getter 2 04 Action Figure, Gokin, Robot Toy 2010
ES Gokin Getter 3 ES Gokin Getter 3 05 Gokin 2011
ES Gokin Gowapper-5 Gordam/Godam ES Gokin Gowapper-5 Gordam/Godam 06 Gokin, Robot Toy 2010
Baikanfu! Baikanfu 07 Action Figure, Gokin, Robot Toy 2011
Mugen Calibur Mugen Calibur 08 Transforming Toy 2012
ES Gokin King Sccasher ES Gokin King Sccasher 16 Gokin, Transforming Toy 2015
Variable Machine VV-54AR Mugen Calibur +PA-36HD-R2 Nove Laser Variable Machine VV-54AR Mugen Calibur +PA-36HD-R2 Nove Laser EM-01 Gokin 2010
Blue Jet Blue Jet EM03 Gokin, Transforming Toy 2012
Raiking and Balking ES-10 Gokin 2013
Reideen Reideen ES-11 Gokin 2013
Great Mazinger Great Mazinger ES-13 Action Figure, Gokin
Rodimus Prime / Rodimus Convoy Rodimus Prime / Rodimus Convoy ES-TF02 Action Figure 2015
Grimlock Grimlock EX-TF02 Gokin 2015
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime EX-TF03 Gokin 2015
Welvath Welvath FA-A09 Action Figure 2001
Dokuro Nina (Purple Hair + Two Heads) FA-NO1 Anime Figure 2002
FX01 Tetsujin 28 FX FX01 Tetsujin 28 FX FX01 Action Figure, Character Toy, Robot Toy 2015
Title Publish datesort icon
Ex-Gokin Great Mazinga 1969 - Go Nagai color version 02.16.24
Fewture EX Gokin Roboshi WORKS Plawres Sanshiro Juohmaru painted pictures 02.14.24
Fewture EX-Gokin Tachikoma Naked Color version 02.14.24
Fewture EX-Gokin Mighty Jack 02.14.24
Silver Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 8/01/2007 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 8/10/2007 02.08.24
CDX toy news bulletin 7/11/2007 02.08.24
EX Gokin Diapolon from Fewture 08.08.17
Ex-Gokin R-Jetan from Machine Robo 05.30.17
Fewture Gatchaman Ex-Gokin vehicles re-release 05.04.17
EX Gokin Brave Raideen Gold Ver. 10.10.16
ES Gokin DX Mazinger 08.01.16
Winter Wonder Festival 2016: Fewture Models 02.08.16
Summer Wonder Festival 2014 - Art Storm 07.26.14
Wonder Festival Exclusive Mechanical Violator Hakaider Bust 07.08.14
EX Gokin Gantz Sensei from Robocon Updated 04.28.14
EX Gokin, Getter 1 Final Battle ver. 04.10.14
EX Gokin Alpha Trion from Transformers 04.10.14
Fewture ES Gokin and EM Gokin Roadbuster Repaints 06.14.13
Fewture ES Gokin Mazinga & Great Mazinger 08.07.12
Fewture Models EX Gokin Robocon 08.06.12
Fewture Dr Slump DX Arale Chan (Cat ears version) 08.06.12
Fewture EX Gokin - Getter Robo G! 07.30.12
ES Gokin Yattarou 05.17.12
NEW PICS ES Gokin Reideen 05.14.12
ES Gokin Raideen from Fewture 02.16.12
EX Gokin Gatchaman G-5 Godphoenix Repaint Ver 12.24.11
Ex Gokin Gatchaman II New Godphoenix 12.24.11
EX Gokin Gatchaman G-1 Repaint Version 12.24.11
ES Gokin Gaiking Legend of Daikyu-Maru 11.10.11
Kazuo Umezu Ultraman Kaiju GAVADON Figure King limited ver. 10.11.10
EX Gokin Ultra Hawk Number One 10.11.10
EX Gokin Gatchaman? 10.11.10
ES Gokin from Fewture / ArtStorm 10.11.10
Fewture REAL GOKIN Mugen Calibur 10.11.10
EX Gokin Gatchaman Mecha Collection set B 10.11.10
Fewture EX Gokin Shin Getter 1 and Machine Blasters 10.11.10
Fewture Cinema Series Hedorah GLOW repaint version 10.11.10
Fewture ES Gokin Jeeg and Goshogun 10.11.10
Ultra Hawk 003 by Fewture 10.11.10
Fewture EM Gokin Mugen Calibur from Dorvack 10.11.10
Fewture SuperFestival Glow releases 10.11.10
RealxHead x Future Superfestival Releases 10.11.10
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