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CM's Corporation

CM's Corporation

CM's Corporation (シーエムズコーポレーション) is a modern Japanese Toy manufacturer with a wide range of products including diecast, PVC figures, trading figures and vehicles. Founded in 2003, they filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

Flower Girl
CM's Corpora...
Minmay Doll Secret Chase Figure
CM's Corpora...
VV-54A Calibur
CM's Corpora...
Mospeada Figure Collection
CM's Corpora...
Ride Armor Yellow Type
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
Blocker IV Boss Palder
CM's Corpora...
Legioss and Tread (Zeta)
CM's Corpora...
Barattack (Mizawa Limited Ver.)
CM's Corpora...
Time Dotabattan
CM's Corpora...
KV-98 "Pickel Kun"
CM's Corpora...
Type-7 Brocken Labor (OVA Version)
CM's Corpora...
Brave Gokin 32 Aestivalis Akito & Amano Custom
CM's Corpora...
AV-98 Ingram 1/2/3 [Reactive Armor Ver.]
CM's Corpora...
Gordian (Miyazawa Limited Ed.)
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
God Raijin-Oh
CM's Corpora...
Tetsukyojin Anime Color Version *Miyazawa Limited Model
CM's Corpora...
Dark Legioss Pilotless Type
CM's Corpora...
Mugen Calibur Miyazawa Mokei version
CM's Corpora...
Minmei: Do You Remember Love?
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...
CM's Corpora...

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No. Toy namesort icon Year
BG-32 Aestivalis Akito & Amano Custom 2010
BG-29 Aestivalis Ground Type & Aerial Battle Frame 2009
BG-33 Aestivalis OG Battle Frame Subaru & Maki Machine 2010
Asuka-MPL96 Taisyo 2007
Asuka-SSL96 Taisyo 2007
AV-0 Peacemaker 2008
BG-15 AV-98 Ingram - 1&2 (OVA Ver.) 2008
BG-07 AV-98 Ingram 1 & 2 (Movie Version) 2007
BG-07x AV-98 Ingram 1 & 3 (TV Version) 2007
BG-14 AV-98 Ingram 1/2/3 (Reactive Armor Ver.) 2008
BG-19 Baldios 2008
BG-19 Baldios (Mizawa Limited ver.) 2008
BG-34 Barattack 2011
BG-34 Barattack (Mizawa Limited Ver.) 2011
BG-20 Bartley Ride Armor 2008
BG-39 Boss Palder 2013
Brocken Labor 2009
BG-21x Calibur 2009
BG-EX02 Dark Legioss 2008
BG-EX03 Dark Legioss Pilotless Type 2009
BG-02x Dimension Pliers 2006
Flower Girl 2010
BG-06 Gaigo 2006
BG-06 Gaigo (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2008
BG-17 Gakeen 2008
BG-17 Gakeen (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2008
BG-05 Gaofighgar 2006
BG-01x GaoGaGar Power Up Set 2005
BG-01 GaoGaiGar 2004
BG-01 GaoGaiGar (God of Destruction Set) 2005
BG-01 GaoGaiGar (Mizawa Limited) 2006
BG-01S Gaogaigar Special Set (Completed) Miyazawa Model Ver. 2007
BG-25 GaoGaiGar Ver. 2 2009
BG-12 GaoGaiGo 2007
BG-03 Genesic Gaogaigar 2006
BG-03 Genesic Gaogaigar (Miyazawa Model Ver.) 2006
BG-03. BG-02 Genesic Gaogaigar Set 2006
BG-04 God Raijin-Oh 2006
BG-28 God Raijin-Oh 2009
BG-04 God Raijin-Oh (Miyazawa Model Ver.) 2006
BG-30 Gordian 2010
BG-30 Gordian (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2010
BG-08 GoShogun 2007
BG-08 GoShogun (Mizawa Limited ver.) 2007
BG-40 Grendizer 2013
BG-09 Griffon 2007
BG-10 Gyakuten-Oh 2007
BG-10 Gyakuten-Oh (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2007
BG-35 Jeeg 2011
BG-35b Jeeg (Limited Black Ver.) 2011
BG-35 Jeeg (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2011
BG-37 Jeeg Big Shooter 2012
BG-37 Jeeg Big Shooter (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2012
BG-38 Jeeg Option Parts Set 2012
BG-38 Jeeg Option Parts Set (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2012
BG-04x Ken-Oh (Anime Color Ver.) 2006
BG-EX01 Legioss & Tread (Eta) 2008
BG-EX01 Legioss and Tread (Iota) 2009
BG-EX01 Legioss and Tread (Zeta) 2008
BG-27 Linebarrels 2009
BG-27 Linebarrels Mode B (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-27 Linebarrels Mode C (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
Minmay Doll Secret Chase Figure 2009
Minmei 2007
Mospeada Figure Collection 2009
BG-21 Mugen Calibur 2009
BG-21 Mugen Calibur (Miyazawa Ver.) 2009
Pickel-Kun 2007
BG-13 Ride Armor (Ley Type) 2008
BG-13 Ride Armor (Stick Type) 2008
BG-18 Ride Armor Blowsperior Yellow Type 2008
BG-20x Ride Armor Dark 21/31 type 2008
BG-20x Ride Armor Dark VR-038L Shinobu Type 2008
BG-11 Sankan-Oh 2007
BG-02 Star Gaogaigar Set 2005
BG-24 Star Gaogaigar Ver.2 2009
BG-36 Tekkaman & Pegas 2012
BG-36 Tekkaman & Pegas (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2012
BG-23 Tetsukyojin 2009
BG-23 Tetsukyojin (Mizawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-31 Time Dotabattan 2010
BG-31 Time Dotabattan (Limited Black Color Ver.) 2010
BG-22 Time Kuwagattan 2009
BG-22 Time Kuwagattan (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-26 Time Mechabuton 2009
BG-26 Time Mechabuton (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
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