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Toy News

Design Festa CAT KAIJU NYAGIRA by Max Toy Co Now Available Online!

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 11:04
Available right now on is a new colorway of CAT KAIJU NYAGIRA, with this aprox 3.75 inches tall piece making it's debut at last weekend's Design Festa Vol.42, now available online for US$35.00. A Max Toy / Monster Boogie production, sculpted by Makino-san of TTToys. A photo posted by mark nagata (@maxtoyco) on Nov 22, 2015 at 6:56am PST
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Office Cat Kaiju 1st edition by Max Toy Co Sold Out!

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:52
A photo posted by mark nagata (@maxtoyco) on Nov 28, 2015 at 10:36am PST Here is a "clean" look at the first edition of OFFICE CAT KAIJU since Sold Out at, after it's debut at Design Festa. Priced at US$28, the unpainted grey flannel version includes 2 heads and one body. Future editions will be sold separately. Next release will be painted versions! Concept by Mark Nagata,
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ZARO - Wood Sprites by Pepe Hiller Drop Dec 1st

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:33
Pepe Hiller sends words and pictures of his upcoming wooden toy releases, scheduled for a December 1st 2015 drop @ 22:00 CEST (16:00 EST) via!"I've worked the last weeks on a limited edition of wooden characters that i had in mind for a long time but never had the chance to craft. Let me introduce you to the ZARO wood sprites, they just love to hug each and everyone that
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Shadoe Delgado's New Custom Commission Pricing

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:28
""Hello, Shadoe Delgado here bringing you news of my new commission pricing. I've knocked off up to $50 custom toy pricing. I have Custom Munny and Dunny listings ready for purchase in my shop and if there is any interest in having other items customized I'm open for inquiries. I can be contacted via email at or through the contact form on my website @
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New Poop plushies & Dingleberries set from Furry Feline Creatives

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:25
"After a period of constipation, the Poop plushies are here! They are handmade and hand-sewn by Cheri Ong. Stands at 8" made with soft fleece, felt and polyfill. Also for the Christmas season, we are releasing the "Dingleberries" set. Dingleberries are a delinquent partial turd which graps anal shruberry causing brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers. Available at" - Alvin
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Post DesignerCon & New artwork from turboPISTOLA

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:23
Daniel Smith AKA turboPISTOLA ( / 13Stories) shares with us pics and word of the availability of his work from DesignerCon, now available at"A slew of Ion Men customs, including a run of Microman inspired figures, as well as the Elephantos: Gold edition resin figure. I also have new pins available as well as some patches, stickers and shirts. Also balls
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PLUMKIN by Domo Wasaki

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:16
From Domo Wasaki comes PLUMKIN - sculpted and hand painted by Domo himself. Released at the Vienna Comic Convention, now the 3.5 inch tall resin toy is currently available online thru Ebay (or directly via email contact: Priced at US$35 (shipped worldwide) and limited to 50pcs, every item is signed and numbered, and comes in polybag with header."Each Toy is UNIQUE and
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A Closer Look at Bake-Kujira The Phantom Whale by TAG x Candie Bolton

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:11
We've had a look at the beast at it's debut at DesignerCon, and now thanks to creator Candie Bolton, let's take a closer look at her BAKE-KUJIA THE PHANTOM WHALE, as splendidly sculpted by @macsorro! "I'm happy to present to you my first Kaiju design, Bake-Kujira. Inspired by Japanese folklore and the king of Kaiju, Godzilla (Gojira is a combination of the word "gorilla" and "kujira" the
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Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY Special Preview & Pre-sale @ Action City (Dec 5)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 30 November, 2015 - 10:08
Making their display debut at STGCC earlier this year, Mighty Jaxx will next showcase the first 3 characters for their collaboration with DC Comics, while offering pre-sales for Superman, Wonder woman and Batman from their XXRAY series - featuring the dissected aesthetics of Jason Freeny! The designated venue will be Action City in Ngee Ann City (@ #B2-13) from 12noon. The Mighty Jaxx Crew will
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Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Goss Toowers Action Figure - 30 November, 2015 - 06:43
I recently reviewed Sarco Plank from Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figure series (review here) and that toy was so wonderfully fun that I had to try another one from the line. I can happily report that Goss Toowers* continues the vintage-like feel of the newest Star Wars action figures, so you can go do something else now... Read more →
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【玩具人杜少投稿】壽屋 ZOIDS 1/100 村雨長牙獅開箱寫真~喵

Toy People News - 30 November, 2015 - 06:33
  沒想到終於等到了壽屋發壽ZOIDS系列人氣頗高的機獸:村雨長牙狮,也萬萬沒有想到竟然是用完成品的型態去做發表,而且還是1/100;雖然有些小失望但是喜歡ZOIDS還是果斷的訂購下去。 收到商品之後原本以為會讓我失望,但是實際把玩了一下發現無論是塗裝;分色;可動都可以算是不錯的玩具。雖然真心希望能出1/72系列的組裝模型雖然失望了,不過收收1/100的也算不錯啦~往好方面想;擺放超級不占據空間的多好XD   這隻村雨長牙狮算是ZOIDS第四季的主角機,主角是住在某村落(米羅村)的路吉,某日主角和村民在海上打撈補魚,沒想到撈到了一台ZOIDS(村雨),打撈上來後發現村雨背上的大刀不見了,原來那把大刀一直都被供奉在主角家中,是主角從小到大祭拜祖先留下來的大刀。   某 日村子被攻擊,村雨獅覺醒和祖先大刀做結合,就這樣大刀就成了村雨獅背上的唯一武器,見神殺神;遇佛斬佛。不過由於主角本身是因為體質的關係是無法駕駛村 雨長牙狮的,不過由於主角和大刀請求,最後村雨長牙狮就答應讓主角搭乘認可主角,而主角也是唯一"惑星"中能啟動村雨長牙狮的駕駛員。同時主角除了村雨長 牙狮外也無法啟動惑星上的任何一台ZOIDS,所以村雨長牙狮名副其實的成了主角專用機了….。   以上大概就是這台機獸的起源;接下來就和大家一起來開箱分享這台ZOIDS中人氣很高的機獸。   ▼首先上送外包裝;本身很小一盒,畢竟是1/100所以並不會很大台。 ▼來自惑星的標誌 ▼TAKAR TOMY 正式授權壽屋販售,請支持正版。 ▼1/100系列 ▼外盒真的做得很讚;整理來說超有質感,銀色的外盒包裝加上立體的機獸圖片 ▼盒子背面 ▼再主要的關節活動處採用了復合素材(ABS,POM)可動性可以更高。 ▼本體的細節可動性 ▼霸氣的獅頭 ▼外盒上方;盒子真的做得很精美,感覺是再賣盒子不是再賣本體..=.=+ ▼本體登場 ▼簡單的說明書介紹 ▼一直被拿來供奉祭拜的村雨刀 ▼刀子本身塗裝很棒,動畫中的刀上文字也有表現出來 ▼分件和分色也不馬虎 ▼刀子本身可以拉出折疊,可以和動畫中依據要斬的角度去做延伸和變化,斬,突刺,都能表現 ▼尾把分件和分色也不馬虎,整條尾巴軟膠製成,沒啥可動性可言,不過也不至於軟尾 ▼本體登場 ▼眼睛採用橘色透明零件去做分件,頭蓋則使用黑色透明零件作分件 ▼嘴巴可開啟(這是必備基本款) ▼完全呈現動畫中的駕駛艙開啟型態 ▼可動性算高,雖然每條腿只有三個關節可動,但是整體把玩起來爽度很夠能呈現出很多動作,當然和 1/72系列的模型相比,可動性還是略遜很多;畢竟組裝的方式不同,採用的活動是也不同;另外前腳和後腿都可以拉出讓可動性增加不少。 ▼後腿 ▼下圖前後的腿皆有拉出 ▼腰部採用了1/72的模型技術,使用三層式組裝分別為 前 中 後 所以可以個別獨立做出展延 ▼大刀拉出;本體的藍色部分塑膠感很重,找時間在來上上消光漆應該會很好。(干脆上金屬色算了)XD ▼後腿可以延展的範圍很開很廣活動性很高 ▼最後來一張屁屁 ▼ZOIDS一定要上支架才能做出一些比較帥氣的動作;接下來就送上一連串的寫真和大家分享。 ▼拍到上一張剛好閃光燈沒電;跑去倉庫拿電池看到呆呆就順手拍了一下~喵 ▼整體來說整顆頭的分件和分色真的做的很棒,頭部的可動性方面左右兩側的鬃毛可以往外延展,下巴的鬍子也能往前研展。 ▼最後送上和1/72的ZOIDS模型做比較,村雨長牙狮大概就比1/72的帝國赤狼大隻一點而已。     總結: [...]

New Callgrim Action Figures Online! - 30 November, 2015 - 06:15
Visit the Callgrim shop right now for this fantastic new Callgrim action figure design. Compatible with the Glyos System toys from Onell Design, this latest Callgrim action figure embraces the vintage Kenner Boba Fett style and brings it to life in plastic. Now we need a prototype Boba Fett-styled figure and one inspired by the Boba Fett from the Holiday... Read more →
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【玩具人。Goosefish。投稿】舊物塗裝 ギルティギア イスカ イノ

Toy People News - 30 November, 2015 - 05:57
臉部重畫,衣服裡面打磨和幫頭上色這樣 參照新設定將眼睛改成左右不同色, 三八痔重點並且點得小一點 拆臉部時先泡熱水加上蠻力才拆開 手在拆時不想心拆斷所以打金屬樁 衣服背面的繩帶拆斷但因為會被吉他擋住,而且黏上容易再弄斷(打算再拆衣服的話) 所以就無視也沒拍出來 玩具界暱稱:Goosefish Facebook:點此觀看 資料來源:自己作品自己攝影

【玩具人。閔-夢想創作工坊。投稿】星際大戰 BANDAI 1/48 Star Wars AT-ST & Chewbacca 製作

Toy People News - 30 November, 2015 - 05:24
趁著電影星際大戰即將於12月的到來 就來製作一台AT-ST 包含了噴漆、舊化以及畫一尊可愛的丘巴卡 XD 以下就是製作過程 一樣是很精美的盒繪 速組完成,日本BANDAI一樣維持很精準的套件 丘巴卡跟地台一樣的顏色(肩膀屆時會做無縫處裡) 串燒底漆補土(套件少就輕鬆多了) 上灰色 新機出廠貌 一樣底漆補土 掉漆完成但尚未上水漬痕 丘巴卡完成(肩膀我是用光硬補土做無縫) 完成 地台也要上色跟舖上草皮 最後補上一張用手當比例尺的合影,謝謝觀賞了~ 粉絲頁:閔-夢想創作工坊 Kennyhsu Dream Studio

【玩具人。行星試相館。投稿】SHF 幪面超人 Black RX feat 影月 – 死戰!青春與友情的悲壯結局!

Toy People News - 30 November, 2015 - 05:17
~行星試相館~ SHF 幪面超人 Black RX feat 影月 – 死戰!青春與友情的悲壯結局! Wake Up! Wake Up! 光のオーロラ身にまとい閃耀的光芒圍繞在身旁 君は戦う人になれ你來成為戰鬥的人吧 傷つくことを恐れたら假使害怕受傷的話 地球は悪の手に沈む地球的安危將淪陷於惡魔之手 Wake Up, The ヒーロー! 燃え上がれ!Wake up, The Hero! 燃燒起來吧! 光と闇の果てしないバトル一場永無止境, 光明與黑暗的戰爭 Wake Up, The ヒーロー! 太陽よ!Wake Up, The Hero! 太陽啊! 愛に勇気を與えてくれ!賦予我對愛的勇氣吧! 仮面ライダー黒いボディ! 仮面ライダー真っ赤な目!假面騎士, 深黑色的胸膛! 假面騎士, 赤紅色的瞳孔! 仮面ライダーBLACK RX!假面騎士 BLACK RX! やさしさよりも激しさが有時比起隨和的溫柔… 大事な時があるものさ激烈的態度比較重要 君よ怒りをイナズマに將你的憤怒轉化為閃電 変えて宇宙にとき放て!衝向宇宙去吧! Wake Up, The ヒーロー! [...]

Star Wars and “Box-Office Smash” at Wall Street Journal - 30 November, 2015 - 04:49
The Wall Street Journal has posted thoughts on Star Wars advance ticket sales, and so far the prediction is that The Force Awakens will have the highest opening weekend ever. Expectations are that the film is going to smash every record out there, and based on the buzz around all of the teasers and trailers I would be surprised if... Read more →
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Loot Crate and Star Wars, Sign Up by December 19 - 30 November, 2015 - 03:27
Loot Crate has announced a discount if you use the code STARWARS before December 19. The geek subscription box is a juggernaut with thousands and thousands of subscribers receiving a box each month, and even though I’ve never subscribed I know enough people who have to say this is a fun treat you can give yourself each month. I’m not... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News
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