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[Star Wars Day] Watch the Star Wars Cast on Set for Vanity Fair’s Cover Shoot. No.11 Amazing Screenshots, Video. ENJOY

GunJap - 11時間 40分 ago

102[Star Wars Day]

Watch the Star Wars Cast on Set for Vanity Fair’s Cover Shoot.

No.11 Amazing Screenshots, Video. ENJOY

May the Fourth be with you:
Vanity Fair releases cover showing new star John Boyega with Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley and Peter Mayhew

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Watch the “Star Wars” Cast on Set for “Vanity Fair’s” Cover Shoot

Step inside J.J. Abrams’s Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens with V.F.’s exclusive video, featuring Harrison Ford, Lupita Nyong’o, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and more.


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MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud: Work by GundamUK. Photoreview Full Size Images, Info

GunJap - 12時間 30分 ago

duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-10MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud: Work by GundamUK.

Photoreview Full Size Images, Info

Images sent via email

gunjap copyrightFrom the Modeler:

Hello Fabrizio, hope you are well :) Just wanted to ask if you are still accepting submissions for features? If so, Please find attached images for my just completed MG Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. Details are below:

Modelled by GundamUK from the UK

duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-01 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-02 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-03 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-04 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-05 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-06 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-07 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-08 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-09 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-10 duel-gundam-assault-shroud-gundamuk-11

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hits Store Shelves in September - 12時間 56分 ago
Friday, September 4, 2015 the wave of Star Wars: The Force Awakens products reaches stores everywhere and many of us spend far more money than we should. No, really. I’m calling it now. You, me, the guy looking over your shoulder, and even that kid six miles away is sitting there now saying “I’ll just buy one or two things.”... Read more →
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Woman’s Day and the Vinyl-Cape Jawa - 13時間 41分 ago
Published in 1982, the hardcover Woman’s Day Book of Best-Loved Toys & Dolls* collects several articles from the Woman’s Day magazine. You may think it’s a little unusual that I’m directing your attention to this book (which is quite cheap; I paid $4 including shipping for my copy), but once you see this photo I think you’ll understand why you... Read more →
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Marvel Select【浩克毀滅者】Hulkbuster 漫畫版 迪士尼商店限定 薇若妮卡計畫啟動!!

Toy People News - 14時間 3分 ago
隨著電影「復仇者聯盟2:奧創紀元」(Avengers: Age of Ultron)的上映,Diamond Select Toys 公司將在其旗下的Marvel Select 系列推出一個在電影中很搶眼的角色最新作品:漫畫版「浩克毀滅者」(Hulkbuster)作品,而且還是專屬於迪士尼商店限定版本的作品啊!! ▼ 先來看一下浩克毀滅者大戰浩克的精彩片段吧! 在最初的漫畫設定中,「浩克毀滅者」是東尼史塔克所開發的第第十四號的鋼鐵人裝甲衣。主要是為了對付浩克強大的破壞力,因此浩克毀滅者配備了液壓人工肌肉,可撐起相當於175 公噸的力量,而推進器的數量也大幅度的增加,由此可見這款鋼鐵裝甲衣所展現出的力量了! 此外,東尼史塔克為了清楚掌握浩克的行蹤,特別在浩克毀滅者加裝了伽瑪雷射的追蹤器,同時亦配備了耐強大衝擊的混合金裝甲,為了就是與浩克在戰鬥中抗衡,不過東尼史塔克似乎認為這套裝甲衣已經無法對抗浩克(電影中似乎真的無法,誤~~),所以持續不斷的開發新的裝甲。 Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Hulkbuster Action Figure 建議售價:美金24.95 元;商品大小:高約8.5 吋;預計發售日期:MARVEL 網路商店販售中、近日內亦將於迪士尼網路商店販售。

Die Cast Star Wars Vehicles from Kenner on Sale at Fred Meyer - 14時間 40分 ago
This ad from the Eugene Register-Guard (December 23, 1979) taunts us all with the classic Kenner Star Wars die cast toys priced at less than $5/each. I’ve never collected these, but the run of toys is so small — and the designs so incredible — I really should. I remember playing with that Imperial Cruiser toy when I was a... Read more →
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SHON SIDE【黑色旋風貓騎士】BLACK CAT RIDER 小老鼠你們別跑!!

Toy People News - 14時間 57分 ago
請大家一起唱!!GO~ 黑色的~黑色的~黑色的~ CAT RIDER~~~ 保護著貓咪世界CAT RIDER~CAT RIDER~ 來自台灣的玩具設計師SHON SIDE 過去最知名的作品就是「CAP DUCK」角色了,不過SHON SIDE 又要為各位推出一款全新的角色囉!這次SHON SIDE 所要推出的全新角色為「貓騎士」(CAT RIDER)。以SHON SIDE 獨特的設計風格融入了超級可愛的貓咪所創作出來的「貓騎士」作品真的是超級可愛的啊! 這次全新的「貓騎士」作品主要採用黑色的底色,搭配著有如宇宙銀河般的紫色渲染質感,好似一股黑色的旋風啊!當然,SHON SIDE 壓克力片的切割效果的拿手好戲怎麼會缺少呢?!搭配著兩隻可愛黑色與粉色的小老鼠,讓整體作品立體感與層次感立馬提升不少!喜愛SHON SIDE 風格的作品千萬不要錯過這次的作品啊! SHON SIDE – BLACK CAT RIDER 建議售價:台幣1,480 元;商品大小:高約9 公分;預計發售日期:收到匯款後30 天發貨;預購地點:台灣SHON SIDE網路商店或E-Mail 至 信箱購買。 詳細資訊請洽SHON SIDE Facebook 臉書粉絲專業

Topps and Star Wars in Starlog’s 1981 “Best of” Collection - 15時間 47分 ago
It’s not overstating things to say that Star Wars changed everything about licensing. In Action Figures Not Included* I took time to explore how, after Star Wars, companies took more and more chances on movie licensing than they did before the film’s success. Before 1977, movies came and went too fast to be worth the cost of a license for... Read more →
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Spotted Online – Joshua Viers’ Star Wars Artwork - 16時間 47分 ago
Here are some fabulous paintings to celebrate a day of Star Wars! Artist Joshua Viers, senior illustrator and art director at ILM, has created original pieces of concept art for his entertainment. “The illustrations were not done for Star Wars Episode 7 but for fun, so don’t expect these scenes come to life in any future Star Wars films.” You... Read more →
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1978 Kiddie City Ad for Star Wars Action Figures - 18時間 9分 ago
The June 11, 1978 Toledo Blade newspaper included this ad for Kenner’s Star Wars action figures . . . and look at those prices! Who is ready to pay $10 for an X-Wing or $1.79 for any one of the very first 3.75-inch scale Star Wars action figures? I know I am! Even better than those prices, though, has to... Read more →
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Star Wars Makes the Cover of Vanity Fair - 18時間 40分 ago
Vanity Fair has posted the cover and a short story about the next issue. The Star Wars story even includes a short video showing some behind-the-scenes action during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I predict that this issue of the magazine will sell to a far wider (and stranger) audience than usual. And here’s the headline... Read more →
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千萬別再錯過這個超威組合!LEGO 10247 新版摩天輪

Toy People News - 18時間 52分 ago
錯過LEGO 4957 摩天輪扼腕不已的玩具人,千萬把握這次機會!LEGO 將再度推出大幅強化、升級的人氣組合10247 新版「摩天輪」(Ferris Wheel)! 這次全新升級的摩天輪,比原版多出了大量的造型細節,配色也更家的鮮豔,也更貼近了真實的遊樂園設施,充滿了歡樂的氣息。10247 新版「摩天輪」全部使用了2464片積木所堆砌,並附有10款符合情境、造型生動的人偶。除此之外,還能夠加裝8883 動力套件,讓摩天輪轉動起來!~ 各位喜愛LEGO 的玩具人,怎能錯過這個如此精彩的組合呢?! LEGO 10247 Ferris Wheel 發售日期與售價未定

Star Wars YouTube Channel Follows Star Wars: Battle Pod from Concept to Cockpit - 19時間 37秒 ago
I’ve played the Star Wars: Battle Pod game and can happily report that it’s totally worth tracking down and playing. The enclosed cockpit and wrap-around screen are great fun, and after watching this video discussing the creation of the game I’m even more impressed. Seeing the video clips of the actual manufacturing of the arcade machines now has me wanting... Read more →
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Spotted Online – Star Wars Artwork by John Berkey - 19時間 8分 ago
Last week Charles Lippincott posted to Facebook an incredible piece of Star Wars artwork by John Berkey. Along with the art, Charles wrote: “We had commissioned a painting by John Berkey, but Berkey followed his muse instead of our script, so we couldn’t use his art for an ad campaign.” Berkey may have stepped outside of the script, but the... Read more →
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Toy People News - 19時間 32分 ago
奇譚俱樂部全系列販售突破300萬個,獲得許多貓咪玩具人好評的熱門趣味商品:「ここは俺がくいとめる!お前は先に行くニャー!」(我留下來,你先走吧喵!,暫時翻譯)系列,將在2015年4月推出「ここは俺がくいとめる!!お前には飲ませニャー!!!コップマーカー」(這裡有我!你就喝了吧~,暫時翻譯)為主題的貓咪杯緣玩具! 這一款作品的用途,讓各位玩具人把貓咪放在杯子上作識別避免喝錯。全套將收錄最受到喜愛的六種貓咪配色:黃色虎斑、茶色虎斑、三毛(三色)、黑白、黑與白。必死阻撓喝飲料的貓咪模樣實在是有夠爆笑!各位喜愛貓咪的玩具人,不妨參考一下這個奇譚俱樂部的創意轉蛋歐!~ ここは俺がくいとめる!!お前には飲ませニャー!!!コップマーカー 單轉約200元日幣,預計2015年4月推出。 >>>更多「奇譚俱樂部」的相關玩具和報導


Toy People News - 19時間 52分 ago
人氣紅不讓的超可愛角色「蛋黃哥」,終於在Re-Ment平台登場,推出了看起來可愛又美味的美食套餐盒玩! 以當紅人氣角色拉拉熊、凱蒂貓…等為主題,推出各種虛擬的美食餐點盒玩的知名品牌Re-Ment,最新作推出了現在最夯角色為主題的「蛋黃哥咖啡廳」!全套菜單一共8種款式,全部是以蛋為主題的動人美食,每一道菜色都有蛋黃哥超慵懶的可愛身影,如果真有這樣的餐廳,真想把菜單全部點上一輪啊~ 「蛋黃哥咖啡廳」一共有8種款式: 1.Breakfast Plate/早餐盤 2.Hotcakes/厚煎鬆餅 3.Loco Moco/夏威夷米漢堡 4.Lunch Set/午餐套餐 5.Parfait/百匯 6.Hamburger Plate/漢堡餐 7.Cake Set/蛋糕組合 8.Take Out Menu/外帶套餐 ぐでたまカフェ 預計2015年6月中旬發貨,盒玩形式發售,參考售價每款¥375 >>> 點此看更多精彩的《蛋黃哥》主題玩具與相關情報!!!

PLAY ARTS改 變體版 蜘蛛人

Toy People News - 20時間 9分 ago
日廠PLAY ARTS改品牌玩具的VARIANT系列預計將推出マーベルユニバース スパイダーマン 變體版本的蜘蛛人,來自英文名稱VARIANT(ヴァリアント)的意思:變化、變異之意而誕生的特殊系列VARIANT PLAY ARTS改,集結設計師、原型師與技術人員,以原始造型為基礎,打造出屬於「PLAY ARTS改」風格的全新“變體版”系列作品。 之前以MARVEL COMICS的變體版超級英雄“鋼鐵人”首波發行後,這次將以蜘蛛人來進行設計,把驚奇漫畫中蜘蛛人的身上造型藍紅配色沿用在加上部分的黑色,來加強其不一樣的外貌形象,附有多款可以替換手首配件,並附有多款不同造型模式的蜘蛛絲有傘狀、繩索狀等等,和一個專用地台也是以傘狀蜘蛛絲為造型。 另外還附有支撐架和底座配件等等,全身多處的可動關節可以輕易地擺出蜘蛛人倒吊或者是攀爬等等模樣的姿勢,提供給喜歡PLAY ARTS改“變體版”系列的玩具人參考。 ヴァリアント プレイアーツ改 マーベルユニバース スパイダーマン 參考售價約12,960元日幣,預計2015年8月推出。 >>>點此看更多精彩的『PLAY ARTS改』玩具收藏與相關報導

TOYSREVIL-Edition SPIDAHOOPER by Topz Greenfull ToyDsign To Release After May 4th

Here's a photoshop-colored look at the TOYSREVIL-Edition SPIDAHOOPER resin figure from Topz Greenfull ToyDsign of Thailand, for TOYSREVIL's 10x10 - Celebrating Ten Years of Bloggery - for which we've decided not to release for pre-orders on May 4th (as initially planned) but will do so at a later date (TBC). Meanwhile, here are some snaps of the unpainted prototype on display at the recent
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