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NX Edgestyle Mazinkaiser

In a line full of Gundams, this little Mazinkaiser tries to grab some of the spotlight.

Deluxe Double Morphing Rescue Megazord

Still, the Rescue Megazord is a fun toy. While we didn't get the metal and chrome that the Japanese version had, kids still got a cool, combining and transforming megazord at a reasonable price. UPDATE: Video review added by EVA_Unit_4A!

Getter Dragon

Getter Dragon

Bandai did a great job of updating the classic looks without going overboard.

ES Gokin King Sccasher

ES Gokin King Sccasher

This bot is full of bling.... and diecast.

Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus)


Black Zarak


The Dark Knight Batman

The Dark Knight debuts...

Space Deleter Solar Saver (Tàiyáng zhàn jī wáng)

The Super Sentai robot we deserve.

Mecha Kame and Yosako Mecha

Seven year old HJL warehouse find.

Beam Rifle

The development of water gun technology is what gave the Earth Federation the edge in the One Year War.

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