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Masterpiece Cy-Kill? Yup, or at least the closest thing to a Masterpiece Cy-Kill we'll ever get.


Oh-gee, Oh-yeah!

Crystal Bowie

"Hey Cobra... Let's dance!"

Episode 123

Episode 123 - Mighty Moe Maelstrom

Copter-Bot Rescue

Copter-Bot Rescue

Copter-Bot Rescue is unremarkable in almost every way. However, it exists, therefore we must chronicle it.


The bodiless burbling brain!

Samus Aran

Samus Aran

A fantastic release from one of Nintendo's most iconic game franchises.

Tamashii Effect Burning Flame Blue

Now all your toys can be on fire. Cold fire.

Akemi Homura

One of time's most popular magical girls in super-deformed style.

Cecilia Alcott Blue Tears Strike Gunner

The elegant Englishwoman from Infinite Stratos.

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