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"Optimus Prime is dead......and Orion Pax is reborn." - Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime (IDW) Masterpiece status achieved?

Battle Σ

Battle Σ

In order to get the most of a mold, toy companies often release variations on a toy in order to maximize their return on the investment. But what do you do when the show you designed the toy for is done?

Nostalgic 80's Home: My Treasure

Lemon Prism Power, Make Up!

Calibur Standard Type VV-54 A

Calibur Standard Type VV-54 A

The second version of this toy to use this mold, the Standard Calibur.

Dragon Kid

Stern Bild City’s tomboy hero.

Nostalgic 80's Home: Cozying up by the Stove

Nostalgia for a period and place you haven't experienced.

Shogun Warriors Colorforms Adventure Set

Shogun Warriors Colorforms Adventure Set

Colorforms plastic pieces stick like magic!

Crazy Diamond

Josuke Higashikata’s ever-shining Stand.


Puttin' the "brother" in Mario Brothers!

Enjoy the local Gero Cuisine

This is some delicious looking beef

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