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Aile Strike Gundam

Say what you will about Gundam SEED, but they're still releasing new Gundam SEED toys and gashapons even today.



Diapolon is retro sofubi done right

Unite Warriors Superion

Gattai Senshi! Superion!


Day 2 of Assault Kingdom August is coming at you Full Frontal!

Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia

For when Yamato isn’t Pirates enough

Unicorn Gundam

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to ASSAULT KINGDOM AUGUST!

Mechatro WeGo

Mechatro WeGo

It is the ‘Mechatro WeGo’, the Mechatrobot for children.

Sprukits Level 2 Master Chief

"This is Sierra 117..."

Gouf R35

This is no Best Mecha Collection boy! No Best Mecha Collection!


"Let the Wookie drive!"

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