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Sprukits Level 2 Master Chief

"This is Sierra 117..."

Gouf R35

This is no Best Mecha Collection boy! No Best Mecha Collection!


"Let the Wookie drive!"

RX-78 Gundam Mini Review

Smells like nostalgia!

Jehuty - Clear Version

Clear as Metatron ore!


TakaraTomy beats Hasbro, again.



Spoons is a solid little robot.

Mazinkaiser Chogokin Z Color Ver.


Mega Man X Full Armor

From Dr. Light to X: "Because I thought the world might need a new champion, I have hidden capsules like this one. If you find and use them you will be able to increase your powers beyond anything the world has ever known."

Patrol Guardian

Patrol Guardian

VooV's Patrol Guardian is combiner of a different sort.

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