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Zeta Gundam

An excellent rendition of an iconic 80's Gundam design

Bootleg Sixbuilder

Can he do it? YES HE CAN!!!

Rascal Robot

Rascal Robot

The Rascal Robot is the ubiquitous wind up robot, and variations of it are still being produced to this day. But where do it's roots lie?



"Die-cast metal parts! Launches rockets! "Bird" neck bends, beak opens! Landing gear retracts! Bird becomes jet!"

Dalung Master

Dalung Master

Dalung Master is a sort-of knock-off of Grimlock by Leader Shine, the notorious and prolific bootleggers.

Marvel Select Hawkguy

It's Hawkguy, Bro!


Skydive comes with perhaps some of the most luscious lips I've ever seen on a robot in years.

Dragonar-2 Custom

Stylized fire-support.

Hot Toys Little Groot

I am Groot.


Otomonin 02-UFOmaru


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