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Super Change Robot (Turbo Type)

Super Change Robot (Turbo Type)

Turns out while we were busy importing Japanese robots into toy lines in the US, it appears at least one line was reverse-imported back to Japan.

Robotech Cannon

A pivotal mech in the Macross mythos. Better than the 1:55 Takatoku Valk? I'll let the reader decide.

Locust Bot

The Insecticon Kickback's long lost brother...

Armin Arlert

The young tactical genius of the Survey Corps.



Die-cast metal parts! Launches "claw" missiles! "Props" turn! "Rainbow" extendable wings!

Appleseed Alpha Briareos Hecatonchires

He`s a Cyborg with rabbit ears!

XIG Fighter SG

The third entry in Bandai’s UMW Line.

Mosquito Bot

A female transforming insect bot.

Q-Rex Megazord

"You will pay for destroying my planet! Summon Q-Rex Zord!"


One mean, green, fighting machine!

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