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The gold knight rises.


The Aura Road has been opened!


The blue to Akagi's red.

Ultra Mecha Selection 2

Ultra Mecha Selection 2

Finding a set of Japanese toys at a thrift shop is a rare occurrence.

Cyber Formula Collection Volume 1: Aoi Superion GT

Aoi Formula's European F3 Champion. 

Rising Gundam

Rising Gundam

Goal: To take a Gunpla model kit found at a thrift store for $.99 from one of the most disliked Gundam Series and turn into a contest winner at the Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2014! See the results here!

Convoy (Optimus Prime)

Let's roll!! Back to 1984, back to 2002, back to 2003, and beyond!!



Inexplicable but kind of fun.

A big welcome to our newest advertiser: Lunar Toy Store!


The biggest, blackest bugbot

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