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Lio Convoy

Beast Wars II Lio Convoy

Lio Convoy is the Optimus Primal of Beast Wars II, only he's a lion. SUPER REVIEW WARS DX CONTINUES!

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

Frankly for a nearly 7 year old figure Kuuga is still more than acceptable. No fear, no pain! Den-O from TokuNation brings the noise for SUPER REVIEW WARS DX!

YF-30 Chronos

"Siegfried One! Launching!"


It’s time for a fresh new take on a 30 year old toy. This review for Super Review Wars DX was done by

Some Assembly Required Episode 11: Bootleg Party



The master of mix and match. Reviwed for Super Review Wars DX by  Jesse Chagnon from



Overall, Super Robot Chogokin GaoFighGar is a spectacular figure! This Super Review Wars DX review was done by Soundout from Herotaku.

Golgo 13

Okay, now. . . smiiiile!


The Prince of Sorrow.

ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops

ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops

It's weird how a toy can change your perspective on a comic book costume that you think you hate. This review is part of SUPER REVIEW WARS and is brought to you by The Fwoosh

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