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The Crow (Deluxe Edtion)

The Crow (Deluxe Edtion)

The Atrocity Exhibition.

VV-54A Calibur

One of the green boys.


G1 fans have been waiting years for a show accurate Arcee from Hasbro. I believe she's arrived.

The Crow

The Crow

Fear and Bullets.

HG Godzilla 2014

HG Godzilla 2014

You're hiding a toy in there! I'm right, aren't I? I have a right to know! I deserve answers!

Robot Damashii GAT-01 Strike Dagger

While a good entry in the Robot Damashii line that has some fantastic points, it not without a few glaring faults

V2 Gundam DX Assembly Type

Don't stop, carry on!


I shine this guy by rubbing him lovingly against my crotch. Not even ashamed to say that.


Don't think of it as a repaint, there's loads of new tooling.

Episode 125

Episode 125 - NYCC, Voltron, and Brandy

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