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Twin Bird Strike Pack

Eins! Zwei! Drei!

Type-99 Cosmo Falcon - Shinohara

Launch the Yamato Squadron!

Xenon Guiltice Special Custom

The dark little brother.

DX Gokai Spear Gokaiger

Gokai Spear




Part 1 of a series showcasing the contents of the Cosmo Fleet Special Ranger Mechanix 2 Limited Box set.

Gemini Saga Surplice EX

Coming back full circle to the character that kicked off the EX line.


I have always loved the odd design of the Guntank and this classic model kit’s lines still hold up very well to the spirit of the original design.



U-Combine Shogun Combatra Vehicle No. 5: Battle Craft

U-Combine Shogun Combatra Vehicle No. 5: Battle Craft

"Die-cast metal! Rockets launch! Craft divides, makes two!"

Mecha Hopzilla

I think this is a first for the website, a review of a beer?!

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