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Overall, Super Robot Chogokin GaoFighGar is a spectacular figure! This Super Review Wars DX review was done by Soundout from Herotaku.

Golgo 13

Okay, now. . . smiiiile!


The Prince of Sorrow.

ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops

ToysRus Exclusive Infinite Cyclops

It's weird how a toy can change your perspective on a comic book costume that you think you hate. This review is part of SUPER REVIEW WARS and is brought to you by The Fwoosh

Grand Car

Grand Car

"Die-cast metal parts! Transports giant missile! Launches missile and rockets! Adjustable elevation! Jaws open!"

High Speed Bus Kabatron

High Speed Bus Kabatron

Car Battle on! Hybridd System Ecology Bus

Van Guard

The man who is a van.

Lady Bug Robot

A bug from Big Lots.

TItanfall Atlas


We get a special advance look at the upcoming release from ThreeZero! This thing is INSANE.

Robo War Transbotix

Shark week.

Super Review Wars DX

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