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Vintage wants

Posted: 11 May, 2013 - 06:28

I'm new to the boards and a huge Jumbo Machinder collector. At the moment I'm pretty much at a stand still and switched gears. Recently I started collecting the vintage die cast and stumbled across a few with some parts missing. I've managed to pick up a few pieces on ebay but a lot are proving elusive.
Daimos GA-84 fists and rockets
17 GA-81 small vehicle set
Dynaman GB-97 sword
Mazinga GA-05 swords
Dragun #2106 (first edition) launching RIGHT fist
Poseidon non-safety rockets, 1red, 1 blue
Gaiking GA-51 fists, wing, shin guards

Also looking for
3" Danguard
3" 17
3" Leopaldon
(Does not need to be in the box, I'll consider any condition.)
Jumbo Danguard Ace
Jumbo Combattler/Combattra
Jumbo 17

Please e-mail any help....
Thank You!

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