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For Sale - Various

Posted: 30 June, 2014 - 21:39

Thinning out the collection. Check back for updates. Prices do not include shipping.

If you're picky about packaging most of these are probably not for you.

SOC GX-04 Grendizer - $65
-Complete except for vertical wing on the small yellow spazer. White plastic is yellowed. Box is not terrific.

SOC GX-33 Leopaldon and Spiderman - $65
Complete, good condition. Box is decent but shelf worn.

CM's Brave Gokin 21x VV-54A Combat Calibur - $50
-The blue version, without armor. Box okay but worn. Complete, good condition.

Tobot Triton (this very specimen: - $35
Like new condition, but box is trashed.

Bandai Patlabor DX 1/32 (1989) - $60
Minty specimen, only briefly removed and handled, never displayed. box is pretty decent.

Futurama URL tin walker - $20
Figure is like new, box is dented.

I need to dig up packaging and accessories, but I'll probably be listing TF Binaltech if there's interest.

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