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Playarts Kai support question and a heads up

Posted: 9 January, 2014 - 07:53


long time reader but lurker .
I hope this is the right section :)

For Xmas I bought 3 Square Enix Playarts Halo Spartans to decorate our shelf (Red, Blue and Reach Rookie) . Unfortunately the Blue Spartan came out of the box with a broken wrist joint (also the Reach Recruit character has super loose legs, but I´m fixing that).
So, mr. Blue Spartan misses one hand.
Kids are sad, and I am confused: Square Enix support says they can´t help as the item wasn´t bought from them, but from a third party. Here in Sweden this would be insane, if even allowed!

It´s very disappointing, considering how for instance Megabloks and Lego replaced a number of missing or broken bits in no time at all. Hopefully they´ll get back and let me buy (!) the tiny part alone, but I have little hope after reading other´s stories on the web.

I guess the lesson is ..don´t expect customer support unless you buy directly from them or just don´t buy.

To think I bought originals in both Jap and Pal of most of Squaresoft SNES and PSX games. Bah.
Even worst, as one of the resident "collectors", I was actively pitching SE as the company to make some figures from one of the characters form one of our games (they already have a line from another one). Maybe I should have emailed from work. Double Bah.


It's a lesson we've all

  • 9 January, 2014 - 14:50

It's a lesson we've all learned (or will) , company only supports products when you buy direct, otherwise you have to hope retailer you got it from will fix it for you. For individual sellers or ebay, usually you are out of luck. In fairness If you buy a sealed figure from someone and then it breaks when you open it, the seller didn't trick you, so it's a fuzzy area as to who eats the cost. Usually the community rulings I've seen tend to say that it was technically mint in box perfect, and the person who opened it and discovered the flaw has to eat the cost because if they never opened it it would still be MIB. Not sure if thats entirely fair, but makes a sort of sense. Anyway I feel for you nothing worse than a new broken toy especially if it was expensive/hard to get. Hope you can get it resolved.

Thank you for the reply

  • 10 January, 2014 - 05:07

Thank you for the reply !
Forum solidarity always help - even for simple "first world problems" (and hey, to my sons a mutilated Xmas gift is big deal )
I can´t blame the seller (ebay france based, who hasn´t replied yet) I would understand that a mint in box sealed piece is out of his control.

SE replied that they can´t help. Honestly I had to give them feedback: it´s disappointing they are not even offering a (paid) replacement service - I would expect that, especially for more delicate and common parts like joints.

To be frank I was campaigning for them at my work place to produce figures form of our own characters (out of old teenage squaresoft fanboism I guess). I now hope it won´t happen and will have to go against it :/ Too bad because many of their pieces look very nice - but in this day and age proper QC and customer service are more important than ever.

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