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Ideas for fetishes

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With the idea of the "fetish" category, we want to find the ways we classify our loves for something. For example, Sanjeev collects glow, it is a fetish of his. Some people only collect toys from a specific character. If it isn't covered by one of our existing categories, fetish is a good place for it. Some ideas I'm considering:


  • Black version toys
  • Gold version toys
  • Clear toys

Do you have any additions?

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"Bootlegs." - self

"Bootlegs." - self explanatory
"So bad they're good." - toys that we admit are awful...but are charming because of it

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Ideas for fetishes

I think "Drills" would be a fitting fetish. In addition, maybe:

Rocket Fist(s)
Spring-loaded Projectile(s)
Extra Large (SoC Dancougar, Yamato Danguard Ace, most Machinders, etc)
Extra Heavy (SoC God Mars, Daigokins, etc)

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