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Hot Toys Iron Man help

Posted: 25 January, 2013 - 19:16

I'm thinking of buying my first hot toy iron man. Forgive me I'm not a huge iron man fan but llove the suit/toy.
My question. Are they making a 1/6 figure for IM3? Is the mark VII from im3 or the avengers movie?

Also, any suggestions or things you would look at if you were me?
I like the all silver suit a lot but i like the traditional suit better.
I also like war machine and iron monger but they are even more pricy. The mark IV is actually the HT figure that caught my attention, but he's also $$.

Any input, opinion would be helpfull.

Thanks for the help and

  • 26 January, 2013 - 21:35

Thanks for the help and clarification.

You confirmed what I was thinking. I guess, as you said, I'm between ordering the mark VII or waiting for the movie designs.
The mark ii was the one I orig had my eyes on after I realized I couldn't get the mark IV. Especially since I'm not a huge iron man fan per say, i almost liked the silver suit (WM IM) better. With that said I do like the idea of having a traditional color scheme. But i guess that's assuming I only get one.... The issue is these thigs are so dang $$ and there's so many of them.
I tried to stay away from HT because the price tag, but they look so dam good..!

The other thing is I want war machine and iron monger too.
I'm scared want I may be getting myself into

Hey there, always glad to see

  • 25 January, 2013 - 20:36

Hey there, always glad to see a new Iron Fan looking to take the plunge.

Hot Toys has confirmed they have the license for Iron Man 3 designs, so I am sure we will see all the suits, and they have shown teasers for a new Tony Stark figure that looks rad. Best to keep your eyes peeled here for news on those releases and on places like Big Bad Toy Store for preorders when they are announced.

The Mark VII from The Avengers is currently available for preorder and is supposed to ship in March... HT stuff is usually a bit late, but hopefully by April these will be in people's hands. I cannot wait.

The Mark II Armor Unleashed is still available from most retailers and is well worth the price. It doesn't have the style of the red and gold suits, but it more than makes up for it with features and gimmicks. Other earlier releases are pretty much sold out everywhere and significantly more expensive on the aftermarket... if you are looking to try out something right now, the MkII Armor Unleashed is perfect. If you're patient, I would grab a preorder for the MkVII and wait, and then you'll have a red and gold suit. Or both. Actually, definitely grab both. They are all amazing. The Iron Monger will probably stick around for a bit, but I cannot imagine them going on any kind of sale. Once they are gone, they are going to be impossible to find.

Hope that helps!

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