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FS/FT: Kronoform Attakon MIB

Posted: 24 April, 2013 - 09:50

Toy itself is absolutely mint. Spent its whole life in the box. Never once removed except for these pics. 100% complete with sticker sheet. The stickers as pictured are aged looking. It has no chrome wear no scratches or Nick's in paint no rust. Nada. It looks brand new and all missiles still on sprue. It's one of many items I've literally had sitting in big brown boxes packed up in my old bedroom at my Mothers house. Many of which I forgot I had and have duplicated in my collection. I will be selling a lot more stuff this weekend. The box I'd rate a 7 out of 10. The clear window has yellowed and it's top flap was folded down. It's also not glossy anymore if it ever was. But no rips tears or stains. Price is $250.. As for price I'm open to *reasonable* offers and certainly trades. I'd really only be interested in the items I'm listing below though. Payment will be Paypal only for yours and my good. Either list as gift or add 4%. Shipping not included. I'm in Florida 33166 so you can do the math on whatever shipping you'd like. . Email me at please do not PM me.

Possible trade fodder:
SOC Gunbuster
Aoshima Mazinkaiser
Max Factory Big O
Yujin DX Gaogaigar (reg color)
Art of War Berserk Nosferatu Zodd figure
Yutaka getta robo go Jumbo


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