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Fabrication challenge -- any advice appreciated!

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Hi everyone,

I am posting in hopes one of you fellow giant robo fans can help me realize a project that has been over 30 years in the making!

I'm sure Like many of you, II grew up watching the original "Force Five" cartoons in the late 70s, and have been in love with anime, in particular giant robots ever since. My favorites were Grandizer and Gaiking. Since I was a boy, I had this idea of someday creating a motorcycle with the chest/head of Gaiking mounted on the front of it, in all of it's glory. It was a kid's dream, and like many kid's dreams, it eventually faded to the recesses on my mind... that is, until recently.

Eventually I grew up and became a motorcycle aficionado. Ducatis in particular. I've ridden various models over the years, but just recently, I discovered (and purchased) a motorcycle that would look absolutely bad-ass with a gaiking head-chest mounted on the front. That bike is the Ducati Streetfighter S:

As you can see, the existing gold Olins front forks lend themselves perfectly to the color of Gaiking:

So, here's where I need help. I have already contacted a couple of 3D printing services, thinking that this would be the perfect technology to bring this idea to life. Scan, enlarge and print... easy as pie, right? Well, right, but the quote I was given exceeded $3000! Obviously, that's clearly out of my price range (by a multiple of ten!). Seems that as much as 3D printing prices have dropped, they are still not exaclty viable for the everyman and his childhood projects. :/

As a learned group of folks, I was hoping maybe some of you could directly me to an affordable fabrication solution? I've thought about CNC plastics services, but I'm not sure they'de be interested in such a small project. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If I do find a solution, I will be sure to upload plenty of gorgeous photos of the finished project. Thanks in advance! :)


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If your into DIY, probably

If your into DIY, probably the cheapest way you can do this is to sculpt the head in styrofoam, seal it, wrap it in fiberglass for strength, smooth it with bondo before painting it. Depending on how large you want it to be, and doing all the work yourself. It could easily cost under $150.

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