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CM's line... a good alternative to Soul of Chogokin???

Posted: 17 January, 2013 - 16:38

Hi everyone,
Well I am getting to that point where there are very few SOC figures that I either still need or am interested in having. I am starting to look at other lines of robots to collect an have been looking at CM's Brave Gokin line. All the review I have seen on these figures always seem have major gripes about one aspect or another in terms of build quality etc. What are your thoughts on this line as a whole??? I do like the quality of the super robot chogokin line but I like my figures of combining robots to actually combine. Thanks for your input.

I for one love the Brave

  • 28 January, 2013 - 11:26

I for one love the Brave Gokin line. I have a slew of them. All the Ingrams and Griffons, Baldios, Goshogun,Gakeen, Gardian,Gyakuten Oh, Sankan-oh and a few others and I love em all. Usually the bulkier ones are the best. I wouldnt say they are exactly the same level as a SOC but arguably close or better in some cases. The problem is cost. They tend to cost more but are usually eventually marked down real cheap ut I havent really seen any cheap as of late except for a Sankan-Oh on ebay for $99 BIN

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