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Charming Drossel (2 manufacturers?)

Posted: 4 December, 2012 - 23:31

N00b alert.

I'm new to the site and really appreciated the review Josh did on Charming Drossel. I'm confused on where to buy something like this and what exactly I'll be getting. Josh's review says it's by Bandai but if I go to Amazon or Ebay I see a lot more mention of "Max Factory". Maybe they're a reseller?. Furthermore, some pictures contain a red cape and a fantastic blue head-dress that weren't in Josh's excellent review. 2nd generation set perhaps?

As a noob to this site and to Chogokin figures, can anyone point me in the right direction to make a purchase, ideally the one with the blue headdress?


  • 31 January, 2013 - 20:18

Just wanted to come back with my experience. Now I'm wishing we had purchased the Bandai one, but my daughter wanted the all plastic one (Max Factory) and frankly, I liked the price on it so it seemed like a good fit. ;-)

While everything was shipped and received perfectly from Animewild on, the figurine itself had problems. The first 5 minutes something broke...twice. The headdress with 6 blue feathers were all stiff and while the first two she moved were fine, the third one was very stiff and the shaft that holds the feather to the pivoting ball-joint broke because the ball joint wouldn't unfreeze. She was being gentle and so when she discovered that another one was similarly stiff, I took it and slowly, very slowly tried to work it loose. It took very little pressure to break the shaft on it so now we had two broken feathers. After just a week of using it to create some stop-motion movies, the center torso joint started to become loose. It's not so bad that it's unusable, but loose the point that stop-motion isn't an option in certain positions. Anyway, it's a beautiful figure and has lots of accessories but we're going to be returning it because that's too much money for something to broken so soon.

For the record, I even tried to move one of the ball-joints that were broken and never was able to get it to move so it was seized up pretty bad.

I appreciate all the response and the review. She's now looking at a Pit fima figure. Any reviews here? Initial search found nothing.


  • 10 December, 2012 - 18:33

I did the same thing. I saw the review from CDX, and had ordered the Bandai version before the day was over. And, I dont regret it at all. She has a diecast skeleton and is a great piece. I picked mine up from AmiAmi.

If you want the diecast one,

  • 5 December, 2012 - 07:18

If you want the diecast one, get the Bandai. The Max Factory version is a smaller, plastic version. Still cool, but no metal. I think the Max Factory Figma version also had more accessories.

Thank you!

  • 5 December, 2012 - 11:21

I figured there was a difference. Thank you for clarifying. Now, just to decide where to purchase. Amazon/Ebay can be like a stab-in-the-dark. Do you have a certain resller(s) you prefer to purchase from? Bandai or Max Factory directly (if that's even possible)? Or do you just trust the point systems on Amazon and Ebay and purchase through them?

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