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Battle Damage Cherno Alpha

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Hi Guys

I am sure most of you have seen Pacifc Rim, it is a great movie. As a fellow Toy Collector like most of you, I like to customize my figures with Battle damage. My Favorite Jeager was Cherno Alpha. I loved the brute strength of that Jeager and the massive armor. When NECA released a figure of this particular Jeager, I had to get not one but a few. I did some Battle damage to a few of them. Done mostly with a small rotary tool and cutting tips. The wires you see are actually just old wires from a cell phone charger. I painted the inside of the armor with permanet Silver ink. I applied a few layers but it was kind of hard to get them to stick. You can see paint slop in the pictures. Anyhow, let me know what you guys think!!

Photobucket photo 20140424_020426.jpg">

Cannon Shot Battle Damage photo 20140424_020419.jpg

Cannon Shot Battle Damage photo 20140424_020409.jpg

 photo 20140424_020351.jpg

 photo 20140424_020344.jpg

 photo 20140424_020321.jpg

 photo 20140424_020305.jpg

Front Battle Damage photo 20140424_020254.jpg

Side Battle Damage photo 20140420_235034.jpg

Front Battle Damage photo 20140420_235023.jpg

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Thats a lot of Cherno Alphas.

Thats a lot of Cherno Alphas.

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nice job

nice job

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