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Bandai DX Chogokin Damashii Mazinger Z Jet Scrander Set

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Hi all... it's been YEARS

Hi all... it's been YEARS since I last visited the CDX forum.
Just wanted to say Hi and Happy New Year.

Has the Bandai DX Mazinger/Jet Scrander set even been discussed in this forum?
I'm just surprised to see there's no feedback here for this topic.

I own the DX Maz and the Scrander set that goes with it; and I gotta say I'm really
very Very VERY happy with this toy item.
I got mine as a Christmas gift from some friends who got together and took up
a collection at RJ... that really blew me away, and I appreciate it very much.

Not only is this DX set awesome, but the hangar also lends itself to a whole new
world of opportunities for adding stuff to it, such as custom accessories...

In summery: this DX item is...



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