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Robots that turn into Motorcycles

From Cy-Kill to Mospeada! This page features vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels such as bicycles, motorcycles, trikes or other futuristic riding machines. Toys in this category must have one mode that is robotic, and one mode that is some kind of cycle. Toys that do not transform, even if they are of a character that does, are not counted in this category.

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The Unrustable Bastards Iride and Burley Burley/Iride The Unrustables 2018 02.04.18
DX Bike Robo DX Bike Robo Machine Robo 2018 02.14.18
Groove Combiner Wars, Generations, Transformers 2016 07.24.17
Ceed Commander Ceed Commander 08.30.16
Quickrip Quickrip Cykons 2012 10.06.15
Combiner Hunters Combiner Wars, Generations, Transformers 2015 07.13.15
Salmoore 2014 09.21.14
Ride Armor Yellow Type Ride Armor Blowsperior Yellow Type Brave Gokin 2008 10.24.14
Fuke Bartley Ride Armor Brave Gokin 2008 12.31.15
Gobots Night Ranger Gobots, Machine Robo 1984 10.16.13
Sidelanser Machine Robo 1986 04.14.13
Side Basshar SIC Kiwami Tamashii 2012 12.15.12
Throttle Super Gobots 1986 12.09.12
Arcee Arcee Generations, Transformers 2012 11.08.12
Motobot PE-DX01 Motobot PE-DX01 RC 2012 11.12.13
Exoconverting Aerial Attack E-Frame Exo Squad 1995 05.20.12
G.I. Joe Cycle Armor G.I. Joe 2012 03.26.12
wg bot det
Wreck-Gar Reveal the Shield 2011 03.05.11
Warriors from Three Worlds (robot modes)
Autobot Scattorshot, Autobot Repugnus, Decpeitcon Ransack GTS Transformers, Universe 2011 02.07.11
bisar armor front
Moto Bisar Griffon Amdriver 2004 10.14.10
Windy City Chase (Slap Dash and Trenchmouth in Robot Mode)
Windy City Chase N.E.S.T. Global Alliance 2010 01.02.11
Motortron Bootleg 1985 03.30.11
priss both 5
Motoslave 2008 03.30.11
Rand Cyclone Masterpiece, Robotech 2009 03.31.11
RotF Deluxe-class Autobot Arcee (official photo, robot mode)
Deluxe-class Autobot Arcee Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2009 03.30.11
Deluxe-class Autobot Chromia (promo pic, robot mode)
Deluxe-class Autobot Chromia Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 2009 03.30.11
BEAGLE MOSPEADA 1/10 VR-052T 2009 03.28.11
Tri Charger armor front
Tri Charger 1987 10.14.10
Mospeada Armor Cycle 2009 03.28.11
Motoslave + Priss 2008 02.22.11
Oil Slick
Oil Slick Transformers, Transformers Animated 2008 01.24.11
Deluxe-class Prowl (box art)
Autobot Prowl Transformers, Transformers Animated 2008 01.24.11
Mospeada Ride Armor VR-052F (Stick Type) 2008 04.05.13
Proto Garland
Proto Garland 2008 04.05.13
Ride Armor (Ley Type) Brave Gokin 2008 10.24.14
Ride Armor (Stick Type) Brave Gokin 2008 10.24.14
Garland (Factory Color Version) 2007 01.11.11
Garland 2006 04.06.11
Fuujin Cycle Wind God Cycles 2004 09.19.14
Omega Megazord
Omega Megazord Power Rangers 2005 04.06.11
Cyclone armor bike VR-052F
Mospeada 1983 04.05.13
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