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  • AV-98 Ingram

    Too bad you got rid of the other versions of the Ingram because it'd be cool to see all of them lined up.

    VZMK2   1 year 21 weeks ago
  • AV-98 Ingram

    They're roughly 1/60 scale, while the Revoltechs are about 1/72. When next to each other the RD is about a head taller.

    VF5SS   1 year 21 weeks ago
  • AV-98 Ingram

    What's the scale on this? Do you know how it compares size-wise to the Revoltech figure?

    Heavyarms   1 year 21 weeks ago
  • Bolt Gundam

    This kit has its critics, but does anyone have any opinions about it?

    quinncat   1 year 21 weeks ago
  • I have a few observations, the first of which was made by Roanstalker: The Japanese release sold Ryuseioh and the Heavenly Qi Palace as both separate sets and the 5-piece set, same deal as the US RDT and Assault Team. It's similar to how in Zyranger, the Guardian Beasts were sold both as the DX Daizyujin and as three separate packages (Zyumammoth + Pteranodon, Triceratops + Saber Tiger, Tyrannosaurus). I believe the Dairanger line also had a DX KibaDaiOh boxed set.
    Second, if all is in order the Unicorn and Griffin at least [i]should[/i] be able to stick on at least semi-securely. The Lion is still out of luck
    Third, I think the combined mode of the four is supposed to represent Sun Wukong's cloud

    ZeldaTheSwordsman   1 year 22 weeks ago
  • Highbrow

    Your right it is fun! I like from both of our review images you can get some insight on where we make our reviews. I mean, I write them in my attic where the desk in my reviews is in!

    quinncat   1 year 22 weeks ago
  • Guavian Enforcer

    Those masks are literally targets for any snipers they're up against.

    atom smasher   1 year 22 weeks ago
  • Highbrow

    Thanks for the compliment, quinncat! I enjoy your reviews & pics too. Your preferred backdrop sets a sort of "toy/collectible" tone, which is a nice consistency. I'm in the same boat as you. I sort of go back and forth on what the background should be and how I should present my toys. And most of the time, I've got the same idea. That using whatever desk I'm at (work or home) with whatever I've got lying around just works and is fun.

    Optimal III   1 year 22 weeks ago
  • 3AA WWR EMGY Dropcloth

    I really like these figures, someday I will have to pick one up.

    utilii kilts (not verified)   1 year 22 weeks ago
  • Nin Ninja

    Anyone wish this could get a well articulated figure if nin ninja? I sure do

    quinncat   1 year 22 weeks ago

    this is the same as blog showed/
    Shrine Warriors 3-d Shape Combiner

    lolocard (not verified)   1 year 22 weeks ago
  • Thorough review thanks.

    TattooedRobot   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • Maxter Gundam

    Right! I might review a couple of those wing kits...

    quinncat   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • Maxter Gundam

    We called these "sock monkey grade" kits back in the day. But at least the feet were molded in two colors, unlike the Gundam Wing kits were were just two single colored halves.

    Heavyarms   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • Scorpio Milo EX

    While I was doing a quick search for this figure in eBay I found a blond Scorpio Ex cloth. I was wondering if any one has any details as to why this there is a blond figure of this character. And if there is a review of him somewhere in this site. Thanks!

    Mgarcia7701 (not verified)   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • Maxter Gundam

    Thank you! I'll have to consider that...

    quinncat   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • Maxter Gundam

    If you don't mind it being around 1/100, there's a nice ABS plastic figure of Maxter and most of the main Gundams from G Gundam. It even got a U.S. release when the anime came around.

    VZMK2   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • Stone Wing

    Just a seven year-late FYI that this vehicle is intended to be piloted by Magmar, the leader of the evil Rock Lords.

    delta7890   1 year 23 weeks ago
  • I love the packaging this has!

    quinncat   1 year 24 weeks ago
  • Do you have any TMNT figures to pit Dio against? Because this is the transforming Mouser toy I never knew I wanted until now.

    atom smasher   1 year 24 weeks ago
  • That seems surprisingly well matched to the Stormtrooper.

    faelon   1 year 24 weeks ago
  • Voltron

    I just wanted to point out that the black lion's legs can spread apart as well. Actually, using that joint is how I unpeg the shoulders when I want to take Voltron apart (the amount of force required to get those shoulder locks all the way in is ridiculous).

    kaltech   1 year 25 weeks ago
  • This figure is very good visually, and while the schoolgirl look is a bit much for me, I am planning in giving this line a try with the upcoming police girl figure.

    Vraptor140   1 year 25 weeks ago
  • Snake Eyes

    There's some great detail work, but as a whole it just has a lot of odd proportions. The arms look way too small and skinny for the rest of the body, and I just can't get down with the synthetic human skull laziness. It's a shame because the accessories probably would have looks killer on a better base frame.

    Sabastian   1 year 25 weeks ago
  • Snake Eyes

    I kind of hate it.

    Heavyarms   1 year 25 weeks ago
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