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Tamashii Nations is an umbrella label encompassing Japan's top collectable toy brands. The logo is designed to represent the cool, fun, and just plain awe-inspiring nature of the products. The mission is to bring Tamashii, the Japanese word for Soul or Spirit, to everything they create.


Soul of Chogokin

Soul of Chogokin
Chogokin SPEC

Chogokin Spec
Super Imaginative Chogokin

Super Imaginative Chogokin
Robot Spirits

Robot Spirits


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Sort by: Toy name Toy line Year Published
Rathalos (Liolaeus) Chogokin 2015 08.25.15
Godzilla 1964 Godzilla 1964 S.H. MonsterArts 2013 10.29.13
Wild Tiger 12PM 2013 02.23.13
Might Gaine Might Gaine Super Robot Chogokin 2012 01.16.13
MechaGodzilla MechaGodzilla S.H. MonsterArts 2011 02.08.12
Godzilla S.H. MonsterArts 2011 02.02.12
Kamen Rider Ryuki with Dragreder Kamen Rider Ryuki S.H. Figuarts 03.09.13
Close Up.jpg
Masked Rider 1 S.H. Figuarts 2011 09.09.11
2011-08-16 20.02.51
Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form S.H. Figuarts 2011 08.23.11
Ultraman Tiga Dark Ultra Act 2011 07.01.11
Ultraman Tiga Sky Type Ultra Act 2011 06.27.11
Mazinkaiser SKL Super Robot Chogokin 2010 03.09.11
Kamen Rider W Cyclone-Joker S.H. Figuarts 2010 01.12.11
GM Sniper II Robot Spirits 2010 11.12.13
VF-19 Fire Valkyrie VF Hi-Metal 2010 03.30.11
Tetsujin 28 Soul of Chogokin 2009 03.31.11
Momotaros Imagin S.I.C. 2009 05.16.11
Be@rbrick chogokin Chogokin 2009 03.31.11
Mazinger Z Soul of Chogokin 2009 04.02.11
Galia 4 Fold Set Chogokin 2009 03.29.11
Megrez Alberich Saint Cloth Myth 2009 03.29.11
Ghost & Weapons Set Chogokin 2009 03.28.11
0 Gundam Robot Spirits 2009 12.20.10
GX-45 Mazinger Z Soul of Chogokin 2009 03.28.11
VF-25F Messiah Alto Custom VF100's 2009 04.04.11
Origin of Valkyrie VF-1A Super Valkyrie Max ver.- Battroid Mode (front)
VF-1A Super Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius ver.) Hi Metal, Macross, Origin of Valkyrie 2008 03.24.11
Tetsujin 28 VS Black Ox Soul of Chogokin 2009 05.04.11
Origin of Valkyrie VF-1A Super Valkyrie Ichijyo- Battroid Mode (front)
VF-1A Super Valkyrie Hi Metal, Macross, Origin of Valkyrie 2008 03.24.11
Origin of Valkyrie VF-1J Valkyrie- Battroid Mode (front)
VF-1J Valkyrie Hi Metal, Macross, Origin of Valkyrie 2008 04.04.11
Origin of Valkyrie VF-1S Valkyrie- Battroid Mode (front)
VF-1S Valkyrie Hi Metal, Origin of Valkyrie 2008 03.24.11
Getter Robo (Metallic)
Getter 1 (Metallic) San Diego Comicon 08 Soul of Chogokin 2008 03.29.11

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