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This is about Americans being culturally illiterate, Polysics, and why everyone is obsessed with underaged girls.

Hosts: Jeremy, Josh

Click [HERE] to get your moe stepped on.

Hosts: Andrew, Jeremy

This is about old homeless guys with electric staplers and stomach problems, inbred nerds from Mississippi, and hot new wave chicks.

Also that is probably the most misleading movie poster I have ever seen in my entire life.

This is also the first podcast of Destroy All Podcasts ST, a quick and dirty version of Destroy All Podcasts DX that is probably not well-researched and possibly not on topic.

Click [HERE] to drive to L.A. to look for your missing father.

Posted 20 June, 2007 - 01:22 by Destroy All Pod...

I made a little advertisement for Destroy All Podcasts DX that you can use if you have a podcast to promote us. We are totally happy to trade ads, so if you have one you'd like us to play, let us know!

Click [HERE] to download the ad.

Posted 7 April, 2007 - 04:15 by Destroy All Pod...
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